10 Simple Yet Divine Orgasm Techniques for Men

Different ways men can enhance their orgasm

There's been so much written about sex techniques, tricks, and 'hacks' for women--thinking of you Cosmo--that it often appears men are overlooked.

Albeit, perhaps this is because their sexual response pattern is very straightforward: the penis is stimulated either manually, orally, or via intercourse, and then with a bit of rubbing back and forth: orgasm!

While mechanically, yes, all men experience orgasm in much the same way, it remains a subjective experience in its own right: some men may be completely silent and still when they climax, whereas others may groan and wriggle about in pleasure.

Before we delve into specific, actionable techniques that one can implement to enhance their orgasms, let's discuss what does make orgasm an objective experience.

Great Orgasmic Expectations

On Age and Experience

Unlike women, most--if not all--sexual activity a man engages in will result in orgasm.

This is not to say that the orgasms are good, rather, experiencing climax is merely ensured in a way for men than it is for women.

Two 'rules' that will always impact the strength and pleasure of one's orgasm are age and experience.


As you get older, the body deteriorates.

It is sad, yet true.

As all the bodily functions weaken over time, the body's ability to produce plentiful, powerful orgasms is unfortunately included among those failing faculties.


This is the inverse of aging.

A virgin won't know that his particular body will deliver the most powerful orgasm when he is in the doggy-style position, whereas a Don Juan of sorts will know that he has his most powerful orgasm in the reverse cowgirl position.

To be clear, we don't mean everyone has their best orgasms in the above positions, we mean that different people may get the most amount of pleasure from different positions.

The Cure

Is there a 'work-around' to keep everything functioning optimally into old age?

Is there a way one can somehow leverage age and experience into a beautiful synergy of sorts?

Yes, there are two ways, in fact.

And if done, you can keep the orgasms coming (literally) for the rest of your life, and probably reach heights beyond what nature initially gifted you with.

What are they?

Without diving into paragraphs of detail, they are:

A. Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT will keep everything running as though it were still 20-25 years old, depending on your prescribed doses.

That 60-year-old ho-hum orgasm can physiologically be changed for the better.

Thank you medical technology!

B. Kegels

If this is your first reading of a SexToysForMen.Co article: first of all, welcome, second, you'll be hearing about Kegels day and night.

And for good reason.

Aside from HRT, if there is one thing you can do to improve your sex life this very minute, without pulling out a credit card or scouring sex guides on amazon.com, it is Kegels.

They will assist you in developing the pelvic floor muscles to their full potential.

You'll have rock hard erections, an improved libido, and explosive orgasms to top it all off.

Now, what you've been patiently waiting for...

The Techniques

Different masturbation techniques

1. The Pulsar

The Pulsar--sounding like a spaceship out of Star Wars--is a technique that enhances the physical sensation of orgasm and one that is also done as ejaculation is occurring.

Clasp your two hands around the head of your man's penis, squeeze gently and hold for a second, then let go.

Repeat until the orgasm has run its course.

The trick is to imitate the rhythmic pulsations of the orgasmic contractions.

2. Stimulate the Prostate

The forgotten sex organ, and understandably so.

It is hidden at the top of the anal passage and can often be overlooked until accidentally bumped into--if you catch our drift.

However, stimulation of the prostate alone, through the massage of a finger or prostate massager, can bring a man to orgasm.

Yes, this can happen without even touching the penis!

Although, touching the penis while you do this can be quite amazing.

This is one of our favorite toys for combining prostate massage with genital stimulation.

Where exactly is the prostate?

First, if you need help finding your prostate, please refer to this guide here: How to Find Your Prostate in Five Minutes Flat.

We'll cover it briefly below:

The prostate gland encircles the urethra at the exit from the bladder.

To reach it, insert a well-lubricated finger into the anus and press against its front wall (the side nearest the penis).

This is very much akin to locating the female g-spot.

You will feel the prostate gland as a firm, walnut-sized mass.

Press it in a sustained, regular rhythm to give maximum pleasure.

Continue until orgasm and/or satisfaction is reached.

And, but of course, always wash your hands immediately afterward.

3. Delay Climax

The benefits of delaying climax

The more drawn out the buildup to sex, the more sexual tension there is to release at the time of orgasm, leading to a deeper and more pleasurable climax.

The best methods for delaying your orgasm are performing A) Kegels, B) the Beautrais Maneuver, or C) the Penile Squeeze technique.

It's worth noting that if you suffer from any form of pre-ejaculation, these techniques can also be utilized with good results.

A) Kegels


Reason #752 to do them regularly.

As you approach orgasm, kegel hard--several times if you must--to 'push back' your ejaculation.

Refer to this post for a detailed guide on implementing a Kegel routine.

B) The Beautrais Maneuver

When you feel that you're on the brink of crossing over to the 'point-of-no-return', grab your testicles and pull down very firmly.

This has the effect of blocking the urethral passage and as a result, prevents ejaculation. 

C) The Penile Squeeze (or Pause Squeeze)

i. Firmly grasp the penis on the coronal ridge (the ridge around the head of the penis) between the forefingers and thumb.

ii. When you feel that you are close to ejaculating, ask or signal to your partner to squeeze hard.

iii. The erection may subside a little after the squeeze has been performed and the feeling of imminent ejaculation will have diminished. To get it back, simply resume your favorite form of stimulation!

4. Have multiple orgasms

There are various ways you can develop the right degree of muscle control to achieve multiple orgasms, although, it does take time and patience to develop them.

To put them briefly:

A) Learn testicle control.

Standing with your feet apart, pull up your testicle muscles toward your lower abdomen.

Repeat as often as possible every day, but stop if your testicles begin to hurt.

B) Give yourself an erection and train yourself to keep it hard for as long as possible.

Kegeling is the name of the game here.

C) Understand that climax is triggered by a kind of tension in the pelvic area called "myotonia."

In other words, involuntary muscle contractions take over and make orgasm occur once a certain threshold of stimulation has been reached.

To improve the mind-muscle connection in this region, alternate between flexing and relaxing your thighs and lower abdomen for as long as possible, aiming for a total of five minutes.

Stop if you get cramps of any kind.

Lastly, this exercise only needs to be performed every other day or so--a good adjunct to a Kegel routine.

D) Train your stamina.

This is exactly what it sounds like.

The best way to do this is to use a masturbator sleeve like this one, and slowly masturbate yourself close to orgasm.

Then, as you approach climaxing, Kegel as hard as you can to 'push back' your orgasm. 

The reason a masturbator sleeve is preferred over your hand is that the sleeve will mirror real intercourse more so than your calloused palm. In the same way, it will also improve your 'mind-dick' connection in the pelvic region and thus strengthen your Kegel muscles and 'Orgasm-control.'

F) Bonus

If you're truly serious about becoming multi-orgasmic, pick up this book: The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

5. Engage the perineum and testicles

Stroke and caress the perineum and testicles tenderly - they are very responsive erogenous zones that some find very arousing and are often neglected--not out of avoidance, but rather ignorance.

Give them the attention they deserve!

6. Involve the imagination

Think sexy thoughts, remember sexy sights, and travel to places in your mind where you've been dreaming to go!

Often, when you think of something new related to sex that you haven't thought of before, you'll probably notice that your arousal (and erection) will pick-up tenfold.

Variety is what adds those needed chocolate swirls if sex ever begins to feel vanilla.

7. Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs

How alcohol makes sex worse

Substances of any kind almost exclusively hamper sexual performance.

Even caffeine.

Nonetheless, while selective compounds such as marijuana can result in an absolutely explosive climax, for the most part, drugs will impede your sexual escapades.

Avoid them.

If you'd like to know which drugs may improve your sexual performance and pleasure, check out this post here and this one here.

8. Exercise the pelvic floor


We're talking about Kegels again.

They're not just an important aspect of attaining the ability to have multiple orgasms.

Nor just another talking point to use as fluff on a men's sex toy site.

They, quite literally, strengthen the muscles which produce the sensation of orgasm, resulting in orgasms that are physically stronger, more powerful, and feel more pleasurable.

In addition, they improve circulation to the penis, allowing for erections to happen faster, feel fuller, and become harder!

Please refer to this guide to acquire regular, award-winning erections with an eye-watering climax to boot.

9. Use first-class lubrication

Coconut Oil for sex

A well-lubricated penis is a happy penis.

When liberally slathered with a water-based lubricant or coconut oil, a penis will immediately become more sensitive to touch and likewise more receptive to pleasure.

Lather up!

10. Intermittent Climax

Think of this as 'intermittent orgasm fasting.'

Try climaxing once every three lovemaking sessions--the belief is that you'll be able to build up much a more explosive orgasm and intensify the sensations.

Some swear by this, others don't.

If you're Kegeling and doing it consistently, you'll notice very explosive and euphoric orgasms each and every time, whether you do it intermittently or not.

We're not a fan of this technique--I mean, hey, who doesn't want to climax every time they have sex!--but again, some people enjoy it. 

Pour Conclure

If you're unsure of where to begin amidst all these 'tips,' we suggest the following:

1) Immediate implementation of a Kegels program alongside trying out The Pulsar technique.

2) From there, try experimenting with perineum and testicle stimulation if you haven't yet.

3) Then move onwards to prostate massage with a vibrator.

This will also help further enhance your 'mind-penis-pelvic floor muscles' connection, assisting you on your quest for multiple orgasms and complete orgasm control.

4) Then, do as you please!

And, to make it all the better, download 6 Minutes to Maximizing Your Orgasmic Pleasure, our free book, so you can take all this advice to the next level and get the pleasure you deserve.

Until next time, friends.

Your Pal, 



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