12 Intoxicating Ways to Seduce You Lover

12 Intoxicating Ways to Seduce You Lover 

The hottest sex is spontaneous sex.

We've all seen that cheesy movie scene where the couple folding their laundry suddenly start going at it.

Or all those attempts of American Pie's protagonist that go nowhere--although he had the right idea!

Today, we present to you 12 intoxicating ways to bewitch your lover(s).

Be Hot

No, we don't mean the cliche, "Step 1: Be Attractive. Step 2: Don't Be Unattractive."

Allow us to explain.

Women are turned on by what they feel, men are turned on by what they see.

This doesn't make one gender bad or one better than the other.

It's how they're designed.

We all know what we can do to maximize our attractiveness, so do those things.

Sadly, we can't all be Brad Pitt or Emma Stone, but we can be the most attractive version of ourselves.

Hitting the gym, getting a tan (fake or not), whitening your teeth, etc. can all go a long way in 'sexifying' one's appearance.

So dress sexily, push back your shoulders, look your guy or gal straight in the eye, and give them your most provocative smile.

Chemistry Lesson

Sexual Chemistry

Let's learn about pheromones, the chemicals that are produced by our bodies and that influence sexual response in potential mates.

If you feel particularly horny around someone, chances are you're attracted to their pheromones.

For example, smell your lover's t-shirt after they have worn it for a day, and see how it makes you feel.

Enhance exposure to each others' pheromones by washing less.

See what happens when you don't wear perfume or aftershave for a couple of days.

Perfume or cologne can block the scent of your pheromones.

Albeit, if you usually wear the same cologne or perfume, your lover may unconsciously begin to associate that smell with you--arousing them right as they get a whiff!

Luscious Lips

Luscious lips do more to attract a mate than any other facial feature.

Big red lips are a major attraction, so don't be afraid of using bold colors and lots of shiny lip gloss.

If your lips are naturally small, smile!--this will stretch them out and make them look bigger and sexier.

Sweet Heart

Send them flowers and champagne.

Write each other an old-fashioned love letter and send it through the mail--even if you see each other every day.

Meet them after work when they're not expecting it.

Go on romantic outings. Take them to a carnival or funfair, share some candy, and kiss passionately on the big wheel!

Choose a romantic song together and make it 'our song.'

Dressing Down

Women: rather than stripping naked for sex, leave on a few carefully chosen items of underwear, suck as black lacy stockings and a garter.

Men: strip down to some tight or silky boxer shorts that emphasize the shape of your buttocks and manhood.

Flirting FunSexy Flirting

Women: lick your lips, move toward your man, and ensure that lots of delicious, silky leg is showing.

As he shifts position, mirror his actions.

Men: sit lower than her and gaze upward into her eyes.

Tell her that she's the sexiest person you've met in years.

Women: when you are sitting down, extend your arms along the back of the chair or sofa to show how open you are to his charms.

Men: touch your partner lightly on the small of the back.

Women: brush past him "accidentally" on purpose!

Men: look her in the eye when she talks. Make her feel like she is the most important thing in the world.

Women: listen carefully and ask him lots of questions when he speaks.

Men: pay her lots of compliments.

Women: inch closer as you chat, so that you're almost--but not quite--touching.

Men: hold back from doing anything overtly sexual too soon. Lay the groundwork for sexual attraction--or not, if you know the type of person you're with!

Men and women: keep up-close eye contact throughout all your interactions -- the eyes say it all!

Saucy Surprises

Everyone loves a surprise, and the saucier, the better.

When your relationship is heating up, send each other sexy books and suggestive cards.

Homemade ones work just as well.

When it's really starting to boil, send champagne, exotic lingerie, or a sex toy.

Romantic Meals

Make a meal visually gorgeous.

Surround a bright red shellfish, such as lobster or crab, with brilliant green salad leaves.

For dessert, create a platter of exotic fruits, beautifully cut and arranged in a pattern.

Feed each other finger foods or spoonfuls of ice-cream.

Lick your partner's sticky fingers.

Gaze at each other as you eat and play footsie under the table.

Propose a toast to each other and to the evening ahead.

Gnaw sexily on a chicken leg in front of your partner, Tom Jones-style.

Sex Token

Create a book of sex tokens: each one contains a sexual promise such as "I promise to pay the bearer one incredible sexual massage/a game of domination and submission/a dozen orgasms/an hour of sexual slavery."

...or anything else that you two agree on.

Tell her in advance when she can use a sex token and, for an extra-special treat, let her choose her favorite.

Hide a sex token in his trouser pocket, under his pillow, in his briefcase, or in the glove compartment of his car.

Write at the bottom: "To be redeemed as soon as we next meet."

Make some extra-special sex tokens that explain in minute detail how you plan to seduce your partner from the very first touch to the very last.

The Look

The tighter your clothes, the longer your legs, and the higher your heels, the sexier you appear.

But a word of caution: you should also dress so that you feel comfortable.

Awkwardness shows.

If your legs are on show, check that your skin is silky smooth and caress-able.

Tech Talk

Phone Sex

Warning: Once you create something digitally, it doesn't take much for it to be broadcast around the world. If that frightens you or you don't trust the person you're making media with, DO NOT PROCEED.

Leave flattering messages on your partner's voicemail.

Have phone sex.

Describe in graphic detail what you'd like to do to each other and what you're doing to yourself.

Send your partner a text message just after you've parted to say you can't wait to meet up again.

Exchange erotic emails with each other at work. Substitute code words for sex so no-one else will understand. Be Careful with this one.

Email your partner with details of your chat room and arrange to meet there later.

Send him a link for a website that sells sexy underwear and suggest he buys you a present--or a sex toy ;)

Buy webcams for your computers so that you can watch each other getting turned on as you chat or email!

Tempting Torso

If you've got a tight and muscular torso, show it off to your lover.

Walk around at home wearing nothing but a pair of shorts--this includes you ladies.

Cosmetics aren't just for women.

Rub sweet-smelling oil or moisturizer into your skin -- all over (Coconut Oil is our recommendation for that department).

Seduce them when you've just come out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around your waist... perhaps have it accidentally unravel.

Pour Conclure

Get our Free Book 6 Minutes to Maximizing Your Orgasmic Pleasure so you can amplify any of the above tips when you choose to implement them.

It really doesn't take much to dial up the 'hotness' and variety factors in your sex life.

Go ahead, pick just one or two today and see what we mean.

Until next time, friends.

Your Pal, 



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We referenced Anne Hooper's book Great Sex Tips for researching and writing this article.

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