14 Zesty Ways to Make Sex Toys Apart of Your Regularly Scheduled Bedroom Programming

How to incorporate sex toys into your sex life

Yes, this article has a long title.

We think it's clever.

Now, what is one to do when your sex life is starting to feel a little vanilla?

Simple: add sprinkles.

Or: change the flavor.

What in the heck does that mean?

Allow us to explain...

1. Sex Shop

Plan a shopping spree with a twist: you and your partner are only allowed to buy products of the erotic variety.

If you're on our site, we're assuming you've done so already or are about to do so.

Get ideas for your naughty purchases from sex store catalogs (again, shameless plug).

If online sex shops don't appeal to you, go to more traditional stores like Lovers--a popular one here in the Pacific Northwest.

Lie in bed with your significant other and make a saucy shopping list: sexy lingerie, novelty condoms, flavored lubricant, a prostate massager, a Magic Wand Vibrator... whatever takes your interest.

Take turns unwrapping all your packages -- in bed.

2. Toy Box

Buy or make your own sex toy box to go under the bed.

Paint it black and keep it locked -- only you and your partner will know where the key is kept.

If your toys are really x-rated, use a box with a combination lock.

This is an easier alternative anyway, since you won't have to remember the location of a key

Plus, you can sexify things further with an erotic number combination.

6969 anyone?

Too cliche?

Maybe avoid that one, as we're sure it'll be every sneaking person's first guess.

When you finally open the box for playtime, blindfold your partner and let them make their choice.

Put in occasional surprises when you do this.

Put sensual toys in your box to heighten the whole engagement: feathers, squares of satin, silk, fur, and velvet that will caress your lover's skin.

Include a book of erotic stories or fantasies that you can read aloud to each other before the 'events' of the evening begin.

Literotica is our suggested go to!

Simply print them off if you'd like them on-hand.

And you can't forget a Kama Satura-style position guide with sexy pictures for inspiration.

There are a lot of books out there like that these days--this is our favorite that we recommend--fitted with good descriptions and illustrations.

Likewise, stock up on practical stuff such as condoms, lubricants, and massage oil.

Keep a supply of items that are not obviously sex toys but ask for improv: a ribbon, a table tennis ball, a string of beads, and a hairbrush.

Let your imagination run wild.

Have a diverse collection of sex toys such as vibrators (different sizes and shapes), dildos, penis rings, anal plugs, and nipple clamps.

Include some BDSM toys such as silk cords, "safe" handcuffs, blindfolds, a paddle, a cane, and a soft cat-o'-nine tails.

If you don't think that's your style, start small then work your way up.

Fuzzy handcuffs are the best way to ease into toys of this nature, in our opinion.

Finally, have dress-up gear for every occasion: lacy black lingerie, dominatrix attire, rubber and leather pants, schoolgirl and nurse outfits, masks, and high heels.

3. Blindfold Bliss


The most intense sexual excitement can arise from simply not knowing what's going to happen next -- so keep your partner guessing with a blindfold.

Don't make the blindfold too tight or too loose (unless peeking is part of the game).

Elasticated sleeping masks are ideal, as well as the blindfold from our own set, of course.

Although bandanas, towels, and even dark athletic socks will usually get the job done.

This is the time to do stuff you're normally inhibited about!

4. Rubber Undies

Rubber is sexy because it shows off every single bodily curve -- exploit this by wearing the tightest garments possible.

Remember -- loose rubber just isn't a turn on!

Doubly so with respect to condoms!

Sprinkle talcum powder on your skin first to make your rubber undies glide on in seconds.

This is the secret to getting on tightly fitted clothing.

Or, you can use many of the dressing aid sprays available on the market today, like this one.

Refrain from using oil.

Not only will it feel icky once you have it on, but oil will damage the rubber itself.

Wear a rubber catsuit and get your partner to spray you down with rubber polishing spray to enhance the shininess.

Dress each other in rubber and go to nightclubs. Watch the sweat flow as the temperature rises.

Throw a fetish party: latex shorts, vests, and bodysuits for the boys; latex stockings, corsets, and dresses for the girls.

Choose rubberwear that allows fast access to the important parts -- crotch zippers or lace-up bodices, for instance.

5. Leather and Masks

You were probably already thinking of things like this when we were discussing rubber above -- add additional buzz to your lovemaking by dressing up in black and red leather.

And if it smells strong, the more the better!

To make your partner feels that he or she is being treated to a new experience, make sure you wear a mask -- it offers an erotic disguise.

Be inventive with leather belts -- use them to strain each other.

Remember, it is okay if this type of stuff isn't for you.

It isn't for everyone.

6. Satin and Lace

Satin and Lace

Go for a sexy but virginal look with pure white satin garters and panties, and sheer stockings with lacy tops.

Give your partner an electrifying genital massage while wearing a pair of lacy gloves.

Turn your bedroom into a romantic haven, with satin sheets and pillowcases sprayed with your favorite perfume.

Stroke every inch of your partner's skin with pieces of velvet, satin, silk, and lace.

You can brush the fabrics across the main part of their body to tickle and tease.

Only toward the end should your teasing focus on the genitals.

For a soft-core bondage experience, blindfold him with satin, and bind his wrists together with lace.

Mercilessly stimulate your partner's visual senses by wearing a transparent lace dress.

7. Bondage Babe

Wear bondage gear -- walk him around on a leather leash, bind her wrists with cord, carry a leather whip by your side, or chain yourself to each other.

Be strict!

Wear a spanking skirt that reveals your buttocks, or a keyhole dress that shows off your breasts.

Agree on a code word that means "stop."

Something that will snap you back to reality works best -- banana and pineapple are two common favorites.

8. Good Vibes

Many women find the fast and powerful oscillations produced by a vibrator is the most reliable way to reach orgasm, both on their own and during sex with a partner.

If you've never used a vibrator, give yourself a sexual treat and try one now!

The crème de la crème of vibrators is the notorious Magic Wand, as we're sure you already know.

Men love vibrators too.

Experiment by holding one against the head and shaft of the penis, and the entrance to the anus.

Double the sexual sensations by using two vibrators at once -- one on the clitoris and another on the vaginal entrance.

Get your partner to assist in the merrymaking.

Alternatively, you can shoot for a dual-motor vibrator which will hit both of these areas simultaneously all on its own.

This is also known as a 'rabbit' vibrator, as made famous by Sex and the City.

Ours doesn't quite look like a rabbit--and most of this kind don't anymore--because the design has been improved.

Try using a vibrator to massage the whole of your and your partner's body -- not just the genitals.

And if you'd like to try something a little different when you do this, we got you covered here too.

If you notice a decline in sensation when you use your vibrator, it's probably due to fading batteries.

Keep a supply of long-life batteries close at hand and always ensure that it is fully charged when you need it.

So when you're anticipating some good vibes, keep 'er plugged in a few hours beforehand.

9. Items at Hand


You don't have to spend a fortune on sex toys.

With the help of the imagination, you can turn almost any everyday item into an erotic aid.

But take our advice: avoid vacuum cleaners!

Reinvent uses for the following items:

  • a pair of rubber gloves (who remembers that scene of Tyler Durden in Fight Club?)
  • a feather
  • a large silk handkerchief
  • a toothbrush
  • a roll of bubble wrap
  • a rolling pin
  • a bottle of olive oil
  • a kitchen spatula
  • a clean paint roller
  • some wax candles
  • a water pistol

Make sure you thoroughly clean everything before AND after using it.

Although you probably won't want to use your kitchen spatula for cooking anymore...

10. Spanking Tools

Indulge in a buttock-tingling spanking session.

Use a leather paddle (this comes in a wide flat shape that spreads neatly across the buttocks), a soft whip or flail, or a carpet beater.

Hardcore spanking tools include canes, rulers, and leather whips -- these can hurt like hell, so use them with caution and don't forget a safe word!

For on-the-spot punishment, improvise with whatever you can find -- the back of your hand, a hairbrush, or a towel.

Careful with that last one.

They can really sting.

11. Novelty Condom

Condoms come in every shape, color, texture, and flavor.

Have fun trying out different types, but always use a good-quality brand -- and make sure that you check the use-by date.

Choose ribbed and textured for her pleasure, and ultrathin for his pleasure.

Find some wildly colored sheaths that you can wear in bed for fun!

12. Flavoring Fun

Paint each other's nipples with warm melted chocolate.

Give your partner oral sex while sucking a minty/menthol candy.

Make ice cubes from exotic fruit juices, like mango, passion fruit, and dragon fruit.

Melt the ice on your lover's body.

Now lick!

Engulf your lover's genitals in fruit lube so that yummy fruit flavors engulf your mouth as you give your them a loving mouth massage.

Put on loads of glossy, slippery lip gloss and make your lover kiss it off.

Have sticky fun by using honey or syrup instead of a lubricant.

Squeeze soft fruits over each other's bodies and lick the juice and pulp off before making love.

13. Brush Strokes

Painting & Sex

Treat your partner to a premium x-rated painting class.

Lay her down on a towel and carefully color in all her special erogenous zones with face paint (or an edible "paint" such as cream).

Don't forget to flick your paintbrush as passionately and as enticingly as possible.

Arrange your partner in a provocative position on the bed and sketch his or her naked body.

French girls, anyone?

No touching until your drawing is complete.

14. Fruit and Veg

If there is any food group that is surrounded by sexual connotations, it is fruit and vegetables.

We've already made quite a fuss about it above.

Go figure.

Cut a pineapple ring to fit exactly around his penis.

Then nibble it off.

Use phallic-shaped vegetables, such as cucumbers or zucchinis, as 'au naturel' dildos.

Mash peaches and kiwi together to create a deliciously fruity and edible genital lubricant.

Masturbate with a fruit-flavored ice-lolly prior to oral sex.

Cover each other in watermelon flesh.

Decorate his penis with strawberries and cream.

Now take a polaroid!

Show him how you plan to blow him -- on a banana!

Or, show her how you plan to tantalize her with your tongue -- on a papaya!

Pour Conclure

Where to start with all these suggestions?

Ladies: Get a magic wand (men can try it too as aforementioned).

Men: Get a dang prostate massager already (women can also give the 'vibes' of this a go - variety is the spice of life!)

Couples: Head to the fruit and veggie aisle at your local grocery store! (P.S.--Amazon Fresh works well too.)

And for Everyone and Anyone: Get our Free Book 6 Minutes to Maximizing Your Orgasmic Pleasure so you can take all this advice to the next level.

Until next time, friends.

Your Pal, 



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Great Sex Tips by Anne Hooper

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