16 Sensual Tips for Loving Him Right

16 Sensual Tips for Loving Him

If you're currently stuck indoors as much of society closes down, don't worry, we've got some advice to keep you busy.

Some of the following is written 'girl-to-guy' (it's an excerpt from a book we've cited below), however, if that's not you're forte, the majority of the information is still applicable irrespective of your sexual circumstances.


1. Ball Games

Pay special attention to his testicles.

Kiss, suck, and nuzzle them.

Stroke them underneath at the point where the penis shaft meets the perineum.

2. Penis Moves

Penis moves

Saliva is a great natural lubricant. Lick his penis all over before you masturbate him -- the wetter the better.

Get him to place his hand over yours as you masturbate him. This way he can show you what his favorite speed is and how much pressure he likes.

Caress his penis with unusual textures such as feathers, velvet, or ice.

Move one hand firmly up and down on his penis and use the palm of your other hand to rub the head in gentle circles. The contrast between pumping and circling is delicious.

Stimulate his anus with a lubricated finger, as you rub his penis with your other hand.

3. Oral Ecstasy

Take his penis in your mouth while it's still small. Suck. When he's hard, push your mouth down his penis and set up a pumping rhythm.

Keep him excited by changing the rhythm, pressure, and speed. Look him the eye.

Hold the base of his penis in your hand, then let him take control by thrusting gently in and out of your mouth.

4. Hip to Lick

Turn him on by flicking your tongue all over the front of his body, paying special attention to his nipples, navel, and belly.

Tease your partner with a give-and-take approach. Pull his shorts down and lick the area all around his penis.

Get close, but keep stopping short of oral sex. Don't give in until he's reaching his boiling point.

5. Thai Massage

This is best done on an inflatable mattress, using a good quality soap that lathers dramatically. Cover your bodies in soapsuds.

Now get him to lie on his back and proceed to "swim" up and down on the front of his body, pushing and wriggling all over him.

Set up a rhythm that stimulates your clitoris -- rubbing yourself against his hip or pubic bone, for example. Your pleasure will be infectious!

When you slide up and down his front, position yourself so that his erect penis touches your vaginal entrance.

As the sexual tempo increases, let his penis penetrate you a little bit. Increase the penetration on each downward stroke.

Keep up the massage until you've both had an orgasm. Then share a hot shower.

6. Quick Trick

Fast, spontaneous sex is among the best. Forget foreplay and just go with the mood!

A good position for quick sex is standing up. You bend over and he penetrates you from behind - you don't even have to take your clothes off, and you can do it in any room of the house (or the office after hours!).

If there's no time for sex, masturbate him while he's fully dressed. Maybe unzip his pants to catch that load for him.

7. Penetrating Pose

Penetrating Positions

Have sex in positions that allow the penis to deeply penetrate the vagina -- this will maximize sensation for your man. Make sure that you're really well lubricated in advance.

Lie on your back and, after your partner has penetrated you, draw your legs up so that your ankles are resting over his shoulders.

Lean over and put your forearms on the dining room table or have sex on the floor doggie-style -- this gives him completely free access to your vagina. You, meanwhile, can stimulate your clitoris by hand.

Let him lie back and relax as you straddle him and let his penis sink deep inside you.

Even if he can't thrust much you can stimulate him by rocking backward, forwards, and sideways. Lean forward and give him a passionate kiss while you do this.

If you've got really strong leg muscles, squat above him when he's on his back. Now raise and lower yourself onto his erect penis. The faster the better.

Grab him when he's sitting down. Pull his trousers off and sit astride him with your legs wrapped around his waist.

If he's strong and you're light, he can lift you up to have sex in a standing position.

Sit on the sofa with your legs spread wide apart. Invite him to kneel before you. 

8. Three-Hander

Imagine that your vagina is like a third hand that you can use to massage your lover.

Make sure that you are both covered in oil, then slip his penis inside you and slide backward and forward while caressing his chest with your hands. The result: an explosive whole-body experience.

Slip your fingers in his mouth as you make love to him. This echoes the slippery sensation of the penis in the vagina.

9. Vaginal Grip

Gripping penis with vagina

Develop a super-fit vagina by squeezing and relaxing your vaginal muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine midstream (this is a Kegel--check out our full guide here). Now imagine that your vagina is an elevator.

Your job is to make it stop and start at floors one to three -- both on the way up and on the way down.

It will make your man's penis feel like it is being hugged during sex. Ask your man to tell you when he's going to climax, and then rhythmically contract your vaginal muscles -- this will tip him over into ecstasy.

Try having discreet sex -- sit on his lap and contract your vagina around his penis while you both stay perfectly still. Close your eyes and concentrate.

10. Mega-Orgasm

Tell him how horny he makes you feel while he is making love to you.

Grab his buttocks and pull him deeply into you with each thrust when you sense he's about to climax.

Use a vibrator on his anus during sex.

11. Prolonging the Pleasure

Prolonging the Pleasure

Spend hours on sensual foreplay. Don't touch his genitals until he's desperate to make love to you.

If you think he's about to climax, pull away and take a sex break or turn the erotic intensity down a notch. Spend some time stroking each other.

Teach him the art of yogic sex. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation will help him to delay ejaculation.

12. Spit and Polish

Fasten your lips firmly over your teeth and slowly engulf your man's penis, sliding your mouth down as far as you can comfortably go.

Cover him with saliva. Move your lips back up his shaft and wrap one hand firmly around the lower part of his penis.

Now move your hand and mouth in a synchronized pumping movement. Alternatively, you can vary the sensation by pulling your mouth and hands in opposite directions!

Prepare to stimulate him by giving the palm of your hand a long and sensual lick with your tongue and then wrapping it around the shaft of his penis.

Alternate hand stimulation with oral sex. Not only will you keep him guessing, but you'll never run out of lubricant, and your mouth won't get tired.

13. Morning Call

As your lover lies innocently asleep, whisper in his ear, "This is your wake-up call, darling," and gently stroke his body under the sheets, brushing your hand over his penis.

Kiss his face until he wakes up.

For a hardcore wake-up call, massage his penis until it's erect and then make love to him. Or put his penis into your mouth.

Check that he'll like this in advance though!

14. Cleavage Caress

Wear a push-up bra or outfit that emphasizes your cleavage, then lean forward and invite him to give you a breast massage.

Massage your breasts with oil (in front of him for maximum titillation), then lie on top of him and use your breasts to lubricate the front of his body. 

15. Condom Tricks


Practice your skills on a cucumber, so that you can apply a condom to a penis in seconds flat.

Keep condoms under your pillow to reduce fumbling time.

Hold the tip of a rolled-up condom between your lips during oral sex. As you slide your mouth down his penis, you can also unroll the condom.

Keep some water-based lubricant nearby.

Give your lover condoms in sexy colors and shapes when he's least expecting them: on a plate instead of a dessert, or at a party with a whispered invitation to visit the bathroom, for example.

16. Hot Spots

Find your lover's personal hot spots and exploit them to their full erotic potential. Is it his buttocks, his lips, the nape of his neck, his feet, or the insides of his thighs that really get him going?

Don't ask -- experiment!

And remember, men have nipples, too!

Yes, that's a plug for our awesome bondage kit.

Find out how sensitive your man's are by licking, flicking, teasing, and caressing them.

Try out some nipple clamps on him.

Pour Conclure

Not sure where to start?

We recommend keeping it simple.

Pick one from the list above, give it a go, then pick another.

Slowly check them off as the days go by.

Have fun out there.

After all, that's what it's all about! 



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We referenced Anne Hooper's book Great Sex Tips for researching and writing this article.

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