17 Provocative Tips for Loving Her Right

17 Provocative Tips for Loving Her Right

Now that we've discussed 16 Sensual Tips for Loving Him Right, it's time to love her right.

This article is written from the perspective of 'guy-to-girl,' however, like the one before, anyone can apply these, 'tactics,' if you will.

Let's get started...

1. G-Spot Mapping

Pressing your lover's G-spot can trigger an orgasm.

The G-spot is found about two-thirds of the way up on the front vaginal wall.

Try different types of touching and pressure on the G-spot to see what she likes most.

Unlike the clitoris, which usually needs lots of friction, many women prefer a static touch on the G-spot.

Examples of games you can play:

-Play the "hot and cold" game: Explore different parts of her vagina with your finger and get her to rate each touch as hot, cold, or--hopefully--boiling point.

-Stimulate your lover's G-spot with your penis by penetrating her from behind so that the penis hits the front vaginal wall.

-Buy your partner a vibrator that's specifically designed to target the G-spot. Look for one with a tip that's gently curved or angled.

-As you stimulate her G-spot from the inside, get her to press down on her belly button from the outside for a unique sensation!

2. Massage Below

The best way to finger a girl

Never underestimate the sensitivity of your hands and fingers.

Eighty-two percent of women can climax from masturbation--that's fifty percent more than can climax from intercourse alone.

Use the hand-riding technique.

She puts a guiding hand on top of yours while you masturbate her.

This way she can show you exactly how fast and how firmly she likes to be touched.

The clitoris is the erotic hotspot--try rubbing it in circular or backward and forward movements--but don't neglect other parts of her genitals!

For instance, try stroking her labia and massaging the inside of her vagina.

If she's really sensitive, stroke her gently with your fingertip through fabric or a space closeby, instead of rubbing it directly.

3. Tongue Bath

Paint your lover with cream or icecream and lick her all over.


Let her know how delicious she tastes.

Let your lover see your sensual intention--point your tongue before lapping her body.

Move slowly down her body toward her largest erogenous zone--you know the one--the clitoris.

Don't forget to tease her mercilessly.

4. Clitoris Strokes

Position your head between and slightly below her thighs so that you can stroke your tongue upward against the shaft of her clitoris.

Occasionally insert your tongue into her vagina.

Use your tongue in different ways: curl it, flick it, use the blade, and then the tip.

Touch her G-spot as you lick her clitoris. Let her direct your head with her hands for extra sexiness. 

Once you have tantalized her into total helplessness, try gently covering the clitoris with your mouth and flicking your tongue across it at the same time.

Featherlight tongue-twirling on the top of the clitoris can be fantastic.

If your tongue gets tired, let your fingers take over for a while.

For a really turbo-charged experience, try massaging her vaginal entrance with a vibrator as you caress her clitoris with your tongue.

Ask her how she likes it: fast, slow, gentle, rough, hard...soft?

If you try something new, ask her if it feels good.

Once you've got into a rhythm that you know she likes, don't stop, slow down, or change the pressure.

Keep going until she climaxes.

5. Two Pairs

Two pairs of hands are better than one.

Next time you make love, get her to caress one part of her body while you caress another part.

You can add to the effect by blindfolding her.

Alternatively, if she feels self-conscious, you can wear the blindfold.

While she rubs her clitoris you can give her a sensual G-spot massage.

Get her to rub and tweak her nipples while you caress the whole of her breasts.

Stimulate her clitoris until she is close to climaxing, then ask her to rub her belly with her hands while you push her over the edge.

Add even more sensation by introducing a vibrator to the equation.

6. Tender Talk

Say your partner's name as you make love to her.

Tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her, and how much her body turns you on.

When you're out together, whisper to her that you can't wait to get home and jump her bones.

7. Nipple Teasers

Nipple Teasers

Make her nipples tingle with excitement by sucking and then blowing on them.

Or, for a dramatic and erotic effect, lick her nipples with an ice-cube or mint concealed in your mouth.

8. Elongated Orgasm

Arousal takes place in the mind as well as the genitals, so whisper erotic secrets in her ear while she approaches climax.

Maximize stimulation on her clitoris in a multitude of ways. For example, let her stimulate herself while you lick her clitoris with your tongue.

Try the peaking technique on her:

You let her reach mini-peaks of climax by stopping and starting stimulation, then you let her finally go for the big one, multiplying its strength.

9. Rough Sex

Take her by surprise with the strength of your desire.

Be physically dominant--a fast, rough romp in which you take charge can be as exciting as an hour of gentle lovemaking.

Always gauge her mood--if she's reluctant, back off. And--needless to say--pain and coercion are never sexy.

10. Push-ups

Show her that physique isn't just for show!

Do naked push-ups while your lover lies beneath you with bated breath.

Then penetrate her as your final exercise--who says the missionary position is boring?

Before making love to her in this position, enhance it further by placing a couple of pillows beneath her buttocks: this raises her hips and allows you to reach new depths during penetration.

11. Increasing Friction

Fast friction on the clitoris during sex is the ultimate turn-on.

Try using the 'grind-technique' instead of thrusting: stay deep inside her and then grind up, down, and around.

Additionally, try making love in the missionary position with her legs closed so that your penis brushes her clitoris as you thrust.

Last, let her go on top so that she can rub her clitoris against your body while she rides you.

12. Against the Wall

How to have sex against a wall

Spontaneous sex up against a wall shows your lover that you can't go another minute without making love to her.

For optimal hotness, pick her up while she wraps her arms and legs around you.

If you can't lift her up, get her to raise one leg and bend her knee around your hip.

And if you don't want to do any lifting, get her to place her hands against the wall while you bend her over.

Nothing says, "I'm in a hurry," than a move like that. 

Alternatively, if it's available, you could place her atop a table and enter her as she sits on the edge.

13. Position: X-Rated

1) Surprise her with an unusual sex position: lie on your back, bring your knees to your chest, and let her sink down onto your penis.

2) Have a laugh with the wheelbarrow: she balances on her lower arms and elbows while you hold her legs and penetrate her.

3) Kneel down on the floor, sit on your heels, and lean back, taking your weight on your hands. Now let her make love to you.

4) Lie facing your lover on your side. Get her to rest her upper thigh on your hip and then make love.

5) Get her to lie on her front with a couple of pillows underneath her hips. Now penetrate her from behind! 

14. Spine Tingler

How to arouse your lover in public

Make her tingle all over by surprising her with a passionate kiss when you're out together in public.

Send shivers down her spine by nibbling her neck and earlobes.

But don't do this part in public:

When she's lying on her front, use your finger to trace a single line from the crown of her head down the length of her spine, over her buttocks and, finally, let it come to rest between her legs.

Give her tiny kisses on her closed eyelids, her jawline, and down the length of her spine.

Then turn her over and use your fingertips to make small featherweight swirls on her abdomen.

Move closer and closer to her pubic area and then back up to her navel.

Finally, kiss the soles of her feet and slowly make your way up her legs, again toward the genital region.

As you approach the clitoris, twirl your kisses and licking around and around, slowly getting closer and closer.

Tease her relentlessly, and then let her get the pleasure she's been waiting for.

Pro Tip: You could try massaging her with a silk scarf or feather as you do this, instead of or in addition to your hand.

15. Serial Climax

Find out whether your woman is the 'serial kind' by continuing to stimulate her clitoris after orgasm.

If she enjoys it, keep going, and see if you can make her cum again.

If her clitoris is too sensitive after orgasm, spend half a minute stroking the inside of her vagina until her orgasmic contractions have faded away.

Now go back to her clitoris.

For an extra treat, try giving her an orgasm with your tongue just before you penetrate her.

Then touch her clitoris with your hand as you make love.

Try not to put her under pressure to have lots of orgasms.

If they happen, they happen.

If they don't, they don't.

Either way, she gets the planned bodily attention and sensations you intended.

Go for the 'serial climax' when you know her sex drive will be high--when she's ovulating, or just before/during her period.

And if you don't know--ask her.

She may be flattered that you want to know.

And excited.

16. Honey Pot

Drizzle warm honey over her body.

Let it trickle down her chest and nipples before you lick it off.

Make a honey trail from her belly button to her clitoris, then dip your tongue into her navel and let your mouth travel slowly and tantalizingly down her body. 

17. Midnight Feast

Fruit & Sex

Indulge in an under-the-covers midnight feast.

Feed each other grapes, strawberries, and cream with your fingers.

When you're full, find other things to do with your banquet.

Squeeze grape juice onto her skin and lap it up.

Crush a strawberry onto her genitals and suck it off.

Arrange peaks of cream on her nipples, or tickle her nipples with frozen grapes--and of course--lick away!

Pour Conclure

Now go forth, young padawan, and apply what you've learned.

Quarantines (as this was written on March 22, 2020, so you probably know what's up) don't have to be boring.



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We referenced Anne Hooper's book Great Sex Tips for researching and writing this article.

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