19 Bewitching Ways to Make Your Sweetheart's Love-Gears Turn

19 Bewitching Ways to Make Your Sweetheart's Love-Gears Turn

Interested in fanning the 'sexual-flame' of your lover?

You've come to the right place.

Below, we discuss nineteen different ways you can nurture naughty thoughts in the mind of your significant someone.

For the purpose of this article, we use him and her interchangeably.

1. Let's Kiss

A kiss on the mouth combines the senses of touch, taste, and smell.

Moreover, it is impossible to feel emotionally neutral about someone when sharing a kiss that lasts longer than ten seconds, as we wrote about here.

Start by kissing gently with your lips.

Go on to cup your lover's face in your hands and then press more firmly as you part your lips and slowly begin to caress your lover's mouth with your tongue.

2. Do-It-Yourself Sex

Several ways you can add masturbation into your foreplay:

1). Masturbate alone before you see your partner -- but don't let yourself orgasm! This way you'll be dying for sex when you meet.

2) Masturbate in front of each other. The first person to reach orgasm has to give the other a sexual favor.

3) Titillate your partner by masturbating in front of him. Close your eyes and pretend that you're truly alone, so they can see how you really like to play.

4) Buy her a masturbation toy such as a vibrator, and tell her that' it's solely for her pleasure. Get her to use it on herself as a warm-up prior to your arrival. In the same manner, buy him a masturbation vibrator.

3. Sex Talk

Keep her in a state of tingling anticipation by blindfolding her and whispering in her ear what you are going to do to her in bed.

Pay your partner breathless compliments during foreplay.

Tell him how sexy he is and how turned on you feel.

Tell sexy stories or anecdotes in bed.

4. Tongues and Toes

Kiss the soles of the feet and draw your fingers between each toe as you do.

Wow you lover's mind by washing her feet in the bath and then sucking lingeringly on each toe in turn.

Pamper him with a peppermint foot bath and rub.

Finish by wrapping his feet in a warm fluffy towel.

5. Boudoir Bliss

Romantic and sexy bed set-up

Make your bedroom into a sexy haven -- lots of candles for seductive lighting, a mountain of soft cushions and pillows to fall back upon, and plenty of soft sensual fabrics such as silk, satin, or cashmere.

Scent the air with exotic incense or the fragrance of fresh flowers.

Sprinkle red rose petals on your sheets.

Get rid of telephones, computers, alarm clocks, radios, and anything else that makes a distracting noise.

Put red drapes over your bed or across the window -- red is the color of energy and passion.

Keep everything you need--such as massage oils/lotion, toys, lube, and condoms--right by the bed.

Some other oil recommendations: Lavendar & Vanilla.

6. Hands-Only

Give your partner a sensual glow by massaging his neck and shoulders.

Rub warm massage oil into your hands and move your thumbs in small firm circles.

The trapezius area is especially receptive to massage.

Afterward, run your fingertips down his back, over his buttocks, and then bring your hands around to his front side to caress his genitals.

7. Naughty Nylons

Invite him to watch you undress while you are wearing sexy black stockings and a garter.

Place one foot on a chair and slowly unroll the stocking down the length of your leg.

Drop it on the floor and then do the same with the other leg.

Let yourself get really turned on by the experience.

Take your stockings off as sexily as possible and then use them to bind your partner's wrists together.

And then, of course, have your way with him.

8. Champagne Sex

Have truly extravagant sex by dowsing each other in champagne and then slowly licking it off.

Pour it in each other's navel, and then lap it up with your tongue.

Take a mouthful of chilled champagne and drizzle it over your lover's genitals before you give yummy oral sex.

9. Erogenous Zones

Wait until she's feeling really aroused, then nibble and nuzzle her earlobe alongside breathing gently into her ear.

Run your fingertips or nails lightly over his buttocks and trail them down the backs of his thighs.

Pour massage oil on her breasts and then use the head of your penis to massage her nipples.

Kiss and stroke him in different places all over his body.

Ask him to rate his sensations from 1-5 (5 is amazing).

Use your hair to tickle his belly.

10. Bedtime Bath

Romantic Bath

Treat your bathroom to a romantic renovation.

Scatter rose petals in the bathwater and fill the room with scented candles.

Play some romantic music in the background and share a glass of wine with your lover.

Use a natural sponge to drizzle water over each other's erogenous zones.

If you're feeling tired... soak in a hot bath for 10 minutes and then stand up and have a quick cold shower.

The pores all over your body will be tingling, and you'll feel invigorated and ready for even the most athletic sex session.

Offer to be your partner's bathtime slave.

Your duties include undressing her, soaping her body, shampooing her hair, and, finally, wrapping her up in a big fluffy towel.

Then take her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom.

Make bathtime fun by squirting each other with water pistols and playing with rubber ducks.

Give each other an orgasm in the bath.

Be inventive -- use plenty of shower gel, fingers, and toes.

Wash each other's hair, giving each other a glorious head massage in the process -- then wash each other's pubic hair, teasing their genitals as you go.

11. Mirror Mirror

Double the excitement of sex by making love in front of a mirror.

Be as raunchy and abandoned as you like.

Turn yourself on solo-style.

Caress your body in front of a mirror -- pretend that you're performing for a camera.

Then bring yourself to orgasm, watching yourself the whole time.

Make love doggie-style with a mirror positioned underneath you on the floor.

12. Caresses and Hugs

Spend half an hour caressing before you make love.

Don't touch each other's genitals until you've explored the rest of the body first.

Your naughty bits will be gorged with blood and excitement by the time you reach them.

Give each other a huge bear hug.

Sneak up behind your partner, wrap your arms around her waist, and nuzzle the back of her neck.

13. Strip Tease

Start by touching yourself through your clothes.

Take your clothes off very slowly and caress your skin as you go.

Look your partner in the eye.

Slip your panties off last.

Enjoy yourself -- and show it!

14. Oil Bathing

How to use essential oils for sex

Coat your partner with sweet-smelling massage oil -- suntan oil offers a reminder of relaxed days on the beach.

Coat yourself with oil.

Take turns giving each other a long and sensual Indian head massage (Video is SFW), using jasmine-scented oil.

Lie down on a big towel and enjoy slippery foreplay together.

Make your hand into the shape of a duck's bill and then drizzle warm oil across the back of your hand so that it drips tantalizingly onto your lover's genitals.

Now give a hypnotizing genital massage.

Rub oil into her breasts and nipples.

Beware of using oil and condoms in the same sex session -- oil damages rubber and can make condoms ineffective.

If you want a slippery lubricant, use water-based jelly, saliva, or our precious Coconut Oil--see the suggestions right below!

Our Recommended Oils & Lotions

↪︎Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and/or Fractionated (Liquid) Coconut Oil Alternative (Our favorite non-water-based lube as well)

↪︎Sensual Massage Lotion (We aren't a fan of lotion and use the coconut oil for massages too, but this is the one we recommend)

↪︎Two Massage Oil Alternatives to Coconut Oil: Fox Envy Vanilla & Maple Holistics Lavender

15. Sensual Smell

Remember that bodily smells are sexy.

Your partner's fresh sweat can be a unique and personal turn-on.

Use exotic Eastern essential oils on your bed sheets and pillows.

Try ylang ylang, patchouli, and jasmine.

Spray some of your perfume or aftershave onto a tissue and give it to your partner when the two of you are apart... we know you'll probably use underwear or a bra instead.

16. Weekend Away

How to plan a sexy getaway

Schedule a sexy weekend away--a month in advance as well--so you'll have plenty of time for building anticipation and coming up with fun 'activities.'

Plus, don't take anything 'practical' with you.

Pack your suitcase with exotic lingerie, sex toys, massage oil, and a saucy personal present for your partner.

Spend the first evening relaxing and giving each other fantastic, sexual massages.

Order some champagne from room service and share a steamy bath together.

Sleep until you both wake up naturally, and then spend long, lazy mornings in bed teasing and fondling each other.

Make the evenings special.

Dress up, share an exotic cocktail in the bar, and choose a restaurant together.

And before bed?

We'll let you figure that one out.

17. Peek-A-Boo

Playfully torment your partner by draping yourself with a sheet and then letting it "accidentally" slip, revealing a momentary glance of your naked body.

Sexual shyness can be provocative.

Keep some underwear on, or cover up your breasts and/or genitals with your hands.

This way, your partner feels privileged when you finally reveal the goods.

18. Steamy Sauna

Sex in a sauna

Watch your partner's temperature rise as you share a sauna together -- even if you can't make love right then and there, you can let the sexual tension continually mount.

Although, you'll most likely find yourselves rushing home afterward.

Find an excuse to get close by massaging coconut oil into each other's skin and hair.

Take turns sucking on the same mint to enhance the opulence of it all.

19. Bedtime Story

Buy a book of erotica and lure your partner to bed early one night with the promise of a special bedtime story.

There are thousands of them on Amazon these days.

And if you'd like to save some money, simply print out some erotic stories from the internet instead.

Literotica.com is the OG of free online erotica, but a quick google search can help you out if Literotica doesn't suit your needs.

The site could use an aesthetic upgrade, but let's be real here, it's the content that truly matters.

Remind your partner of an exciting and sexy encounter that you've both shared.

Take turns to reveal your raunchiest sexual fantasies.

Read a sex manual aloud to each other in bed -- then follow the instructions. This one should keep you busy for quite a while.

Write your own erotica and give it to your partner to read alone.

Take turns to create installments of a sexy fantasy.

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We referenced Anne Hooper's book Great Sex Tips for researching and writing this article.

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