21 Sizzling Adult Games to Jazz-up Your Sex Life

21 Sizzling Adult Games to Jazz-up Your Sex Life

Bored stuck indoors all day?

Pull up a chair, and let's chat, because we've got some games for you.

Find your closest lover or toy nearby, and let the games begin!


No, not the dorky Live Action Roleplay variety, unless that's what gets you going!

Turn up the sexual tension by playing naughty role-playing games with your lover.

Agree in advance what you will and won't do and that the game can stop on request in case they get too heavy.

The best fantasy games are those in which you behave completely in character: that means dressing up in costumes, masks, buying props and utilizing toys. Use your imagination and do whatever it takes!

Treasure Hunt

Tease your lover with an envelope containing a written clue.

For example, "if you want to make love tonight, look in your top drawer."

This clue leads to another and another until your lover is led to a sexy surprise, such as a sex toy (together with instructions from you about how you think it should be used), or you lying in a bed clad in nothing more than your sexiest underwear and fragrance.

Chain Gang

Punish your partner for their naughtiness -- make them wear a collar and chain them to your bed.

Cuffs work too.

Tantalize them with provocative glimpses of your body or stimulation that stops and starts without warning!

Tell your partner that if they move you will cane them... then cane them away!

Honeymoon Again

having sex on your honeymoon

Reserve a room at a small hotel for the weekend, preferably surrounded by beautiful countryside or on a tropical island -- make sure that no one can contact you.

Leave your cellphones on airplane mode and don't discuss work or at-home issues whatsoever.

Your regular day-to-day life stays behind.

Act out your divine honeymoon-fantasy sex acts. Now is the time.

Spend time rediscovering each other -- go for long walks, share slow and seductive baths in flickering candlelight, alongside long times lying in bed touching and holding each other.

Be romantic: hold hands, make lots of eye contact, tell each other how much you love each other, and buy each other little presents that will serve as mementos of this weekend together.

Kisses and Bites

Spend fifteen minutes kissing -- and nothing else.

Change your kissing style -- if you're normally a passionate kisser, try straining and reserving yourself.

Incorporate nibbles and bites amongst your kisses -- careful not to break the skin!

French kiss each other's feet and navel area for a stimulating sensation.

The soles of the feet are extremely sensitive to touch, housing nearly 200,000 nerve endings per sole!

For reference, the clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings.

This is why so many find the feet to be an erogenous zone that incites sexual feelings and thoughts.

First Aid

Play doctor and patient by dressing up in a white coat and surgical gloves, and a white gown of course.

The patient should hop up onto a table and prepare to be examined.

The doctor should make a thorough examination of their erogenous zones -- making sure everything is in working order, of course!

If the patient is female, ask her to spread her legs, and press your surgically glove fingers around her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina.

If the patient is male, conduct an in-depth examination of his penis and scrotum.

As the doctor, you must never reveal any signs of arousal. As you touch your patient, you must keep asking, "How does this feel?" 

As the patient, you must submit to the doctor's touch. Don't try to respond, that'd be inappropriate!

The Boss

Bondage games to play with boyfriend

Take total control of your lover during sex.

Tell him or her what you want and insist on 100 percent obedience -- or else!

Don't be swayed by your partner's attempts to sabotage the game. Treat these as cues for further tough punishment.

School Days

Men love a girl in uniform, so indulge him in his favorite fantasy -- dress up in a thigh-skimming school dress and a pair of socks that end just below the hemline.

Pretend that he is the sexually repressed teacher and you are the naughty schoolgirl who will liberate him.

Perhaps you need some help with your schoolwork, after class?

Or, maybe you've been disrupting the school hallways and you've been called into detention to be disciplined.

When your man reaches out to caress your bare legs--be shocked--tell him he should keep his hands to himself!

...but then slide in a little closer...

I Dare You...

Play truth or dare, or a card game in which the loser must carry out a task.

Sexy tasks include stripping, revealing an erotic fantasy, or dressing up in fetish gear.

Use sexual dares to take your relationship across new erotic boundaries.

Dare your partner to do something that you have never tried together.

Edible Sex

Fruit and Sex

Think of your lover as a beautiful table upon which you arrange a small but sensual picnic.

The aim of the game -- to eat your way to sex!

Put a juicy red strawberry on the part of the body where you'd most want to be licked and kissed.

Keep moving it!

Create unbearable anticipation during dinner by presenting a written menu to your lover in advance.

On the dessert section simply write: "Me."

Have a summer picnic in the yard by candlelight and then come indoors and make love.

Re-enact the sex-in-front-of-the-fridge scene from the TV Series Gossip Girl.

Feed Cherries to each other by dangling the stems from your lips.

Feed buttered spaghetti to each other and let the butter trickle down your chin.

Peep Hole

Invite your lover to spy on you as you take a bath or shower.

Make sure you put on an especially hot performance.

Arrange the mirrors in your bedroom or bathroom so that your partner can watch you undressing or bathing from every angle.

Then invite them to lie back and enjoy the show.

Film Star

Dedicate a special fantasy evening to yourself and imagine that your favorite film star is coming over to have their way with you.

Stimulate yourself with your fantasy figure in mind.

You can even extend this technique to making love with your partner -- after all, there are no rules that say that you have to confess the source of your passion.

Double down on your indulgence of superstar fantasies by dressing celebrity-style and then making love.

Wet and Wild

Drizzle each other in liquid soap and then rub your bodies together.

Stimulate each other using the fine jet of the showerhead.

Slowly and carefully wash your partner's genitals -- clean every nook and cranny!

Kiss while the water runs over your faces.

Naughty Negatives

Negative film exposure sex

Warning: Once you're on digital film, it doesn't take much for it to be broadcast around the world. If that frightens you or you don't trust the person you're making media with, DO NOT PROCEED.

Take saucy photos of each other for fun.

Just remember to keep them tame if you're sending them off for commercial processing.

Women: take a picture of yourself dressed up in the style of a vintage pin-up.

Men: take a picture of yourself working out in the gym.

For X-rated pictures: develop your own black and white photos, or use a polaroid to do so.

Although nowadays, there are plenty of apps like Huji Cam that defeat the need for an older camera.

Stage a sexy photoshoot. You're the glamour model and your lover is the photographer about to lose their professional cool.

Take some artistic shots of each other naked behind glass or in the shower.

Eastern Erotica

The Kama Sutra is the best known of the ancient Eastern sex manuals, but there is also the Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and The Tao of Sex.

For something contemporary, try Zen Sex -- The Way of Making Love by Philip Toshio Sudo, or Sexual Health Through Yin and Yang by Zaihong Shen.

Have an Eastern sex night, when you put some of those exotic positions into practice.

Guys and Girls on Film

Warning: Once you're on digital film, it doesn't take much for it to be broadcast around the world. If that frightens you or you don't trust the person you're making media with, DO NOT PROCEED.

Create a special erotic memento in the form of your own personal video.

Shoot your partner undressing, or use a camera on a tripod to capture the two of you in action.

If you want something more ambitious, write your own storyline and set up the props and location first.

You could make the film in the style of your favorite director.

Remember that you can often create a sexy effect by underplaying erotic scenes.

Make different videos with different moods: slow and sensual, or fast and wild.

Ice-Cream Cone

Ice Cream Sex

Are you an ice cream lover?

Do you imagine combining your sweet tooth with your other favorite pastime?

Is your lover fanatic about the slippery, soft taste of a vanilla cone?

If so, have icecream sex.

Swirl an icy cone along your lover's body.

Circle the nipples, belly, and genitals to create a sweet, shivery trail of pleasure.

Now lap it all up with your tongue.

Secret Art

Finding a tattoo unexpectedly on a lover's body always adds an extra buzz to sex.

If you don't want the real thing, try surprising your partner with a temporary decoration.

Good 'sex tattoo' territory is just above the cleft of your buttocks, just below your navel, or on your inner thighs.

Write your lover's name somewhere on your body and challenge them to find it.

Write a secret message in mirror writing on your lover's back and tell her to read it later in private.

Gender Bending

Experiment with gender roles by dressing up as the opposite sex.

See what effect this has on your behavior.

Get your partner to do the same (You can even give each other dress and makeup tips).

Now try kissing, caressing, and making love in your new roles.

Behave as authentically as you can -- and then just see what interesting things unfold!

Sex Diary

Sex Diary

Use a notebook to record your sexual dreams, thoughts, and experiences.

If you masturbate to a specific fantasy, write it in your notebook--it may behoove you to keep it hidden!

Women: note whether or not you feel sexy on each day of the month.

This way you can chart the natural peaks and troughs of your sex drive, and then you can act on them!

Hold a diary reading evening when your lover gets the chance to hear about your erotic reflections.

Photocopy diary extracts and give them to your lover as a unique, sexy gift.

My Hands Are Tied

Your assignment is to make mad, passionate love to your partner without using your hands.

This forces you to rely on your arms, lips, tongue, feet, genitals, belly, chest, and nipples -- and a lot of imagination!

Tie your lover's hands and then make love to them.

Or secure them comfortably in a pair of fuzzy cuffs.

This way they have no choice but to give in to sensual pleasure.

Pour Conclure

Start with something simple like an erotic note or sex toy Treasure Hunt, then make your way into more 'complex' games like exploring the Kama Sutra.

While you're at it, grab our free book 6 Minutes to Maximizing Your Orgasmic Pleasure as well.

Quarantine may go on for a while, may as well have fun while it lasts!



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We referenced Anne Hooper's book Great Sex Tips for researching and writing this article.

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