How Doing Kegels Can Benefit Your Sex Life and Keep Your Partner(s) Coming Back for More

Before we dive in here, let's answer the main question some of you may be having...

What the HELL are Kegels?

I'm glad you asked.

Kegels are a pelvic floor muscle exercise that uses your pubococcygeus muscles--PC Muscle for Short--in a conscious contraction, release, and subsequent relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles and anus. To perform a Kegel, simply tighten the muscle group you'd use to stop the flow of urine while peeing. Ta-da! That's a Kegel!

In the diagrams below, I've outlined the location of the PC muscles with red boxes so you can have a visual illustration of where they are throughout the body.

The lines of the boxes are somewhat thin, so look closely.

Male Body

Location of Kegel Muscles on a Man

Female Body

Location of Kegel Muscles on a Woman

The pelvic floor muscles, abdominals, and anus all contract during orgasm in both male and female bodied people. This large set of muscle groups also plays a role in male erectile function. The whole group is incredibly complex and is found all up in your naughty bits (see above).

In layman's terms: performing Kegels and strengthening your "PC" muscle will result in more powerful orgasms, harder erections (that will come up and STAY up with ease), greater orgasm control in both delaying and triggering, creates potential to become fully MULTI-orgasmic, greater ejaculation volume and shooting distance, increased prostate health, decreased chance of prostate cancer, increased sexual health, and lastly, increased confidence because of all of the above!

Not a man? Don't worry. Kegels are great for women too. In much the same way, they increase orgasm strength, increased potential for ejaculatory orgasms, increased vaginal tightness, and of course increased sexual confidence because of all of the above!

These are just the benefits and roles we currently know about. It stands to reason that there are most likely other interior bodily benefits and health perks that we do not yet know about.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn't. This is something you'll wish you had started EARLIER! In fact, individuals in the adult industry perform and swear by Kegels to boost their performance

However, if you're worried that these aren't worth your time, head over to Reddit and do a little research. You'll see some great success stories. Check out this one here.

Or, if you're the sciency type, check out these journals below:

British Journal of General Practice

Physiotherapy Journal

British Journal of Urology

So with all that out of the way... let's get down to the nitty gritty!

Performing Kegels Correctly and Establishing Your Mind-Body Connection

Kegels are performed in two ways.

There is the exercise I discussed above--the muscle contraction that stops the flow of urine--which is what people are typically referring to when they discuss Kegels, and then there are also, "Reverse Kegels." 

Reverse Kegels are a push movement that engages part of the bowel area - the muscle contraction you make when you're holding in a fart.

You can have great results only performing traditional Kegels, as many people do, however, I recommend doing both. 

The push movement of the Reverse Kegel is the reciprocal of the traditional Kegel squeeze. It allows one to fully relax and extend the muscle groups and put them through their full range of motion. In other words, if you only perform Regular Kegels, it can be likened to doing a bicep curl and stopping halfway as your hand approaches your shoulder.

So yes, you will still get results, albeit you'll be limiting your growth potential.

Likewise, if you're unsure that you're performing Kegels correctly, go through the following exercise below. Once you have that down, we'll go over your new Kegel Exercise Routine to maximize your results!

First things first...

Get naked and lie down on your bed.

Place one of your fingers across your perineum--the area between your penis/vagina and anus.

Next, perform a traditional Kegel and squeeze the muscles that will cut off the flow of urine if you were peeing.

You should feel your anus tighten and draw inwards somewhat. Men will feel the base of their penis firm up and push out and/or forward a bit.

Women will feel a squeeze inside their vagina. It may be helpful to place a finger inside your vagina if you're having trouble feeling this.

If you feel nothing--not to worry--the muscles may be weak if this is your first-time consciously contracting and using them.

Go ahead and perform this a few times to get a feel for it.

Now, we're going to perform the Reverse Kegel, or "push" movement.

This can take a bit of time to locate and get a feel for - contract the muscle group you would use when you feel a fart coming on and you'd like to hold/push it back in to prevent any upcoming embarrassment.

You should feel your perineum and anus push outwards/bulge.

If this takes you some time to get the hang of, again, don't worry. The muscles will strengthen over time.

Once you're confident you're able to perform both exercises, try and cycle them like this: Squeeze (Regular Kegel), Relax, Push (Reverse Kegel), Relax.

That Kegel Cycle will the cornerstone of our routine.

You're welcome to keep your hand down there to help you focus if necessary. With time, these muscles will become much, much stronger and performing them will be a breeze!

Exercise Routine - How Often You Should Do Them

The beauty of Kegels is that they can be performed anywhere and anytime.

So, whether you're on a train in the jungles of Vietnam, or you're sitting at home watching re-runs of Seinfeld, you can sit back and relax, your Kegel exercise routine comes with you wherever you go!

As we established, the Kegel Cycle is as follows:

Squeeze, Relax, Push, Relax.

Initially, you may only be able to hold the squeeze and push for about a second--maybe even less--each.

The end objective over time is to be able to squeeze and push harder and longer. Again, don't be disheartened if you can only perform them for a second or less, the muscles will strengthen over time.

Our first goal will be to be able to hold both the squeeze and push for thirty seconds each. Some individuals are able to hold them for up to two minutes after a lot of training! Something you can work your way up to if you so desire.

Your routine will be as follows:

30 Repetitions of the Kegel Cycle, aiming to increase your squeeze/push time as you go along.

So for instance, if you can only hold it for 2 seconds, perform 30 repetitions of the Kegel Cycle holding each squeeze and push for 2 seconds each.

As time goes on, you'll reach the 30-second number and you can make your way onwards to the two-minute mark if you wish to do so. Those kinds of "gainz" will result in destructive erections, let me tell you.

Lastly, be sure to alternate your workouts like so:

Long Holds: Work up to holding each stage--the squeeze and push--for 30 seconds each, for as many cycles as you feel like. You should aim for working up to 30-minute sessions. These are the principle strength building exercises and will ultimately improve your ability to control and delay your orgasm.

Short Pulses: Squeeze for 3 seconds, and go directly into a push for 2 seconds. Try for as many cycles as you can. As you get better, shorten the time to 1 second per cycle. These are amazing for directly strengthening orgasm intensity. They more closely mimic the rapid, rhythmic contraction of orgasm. However, they are not as good for increasing strength as the Long Hold workout.

I recommend that you perform this routine ideally every day. If you think you need to take a day off, however, go ahead and take one. If you find that your PC muscle takes longer than usual to recover from a training session, performing the routine four to six times per week should be fine.

With that said, if you think you may have over-fatigued the muscle or you haven't been sleeping/resting well, you may notice the following symptoms.

  • Weak Climax / Dribble Cum (even less powerful than usual); Moderate muscle fatigue, take 24+ hours off from exercise.
  • Unable to Squeeze PC Muscle for more than 20 seconds; Moderate muscle fatigue, take 24+ hours off from exercise.
  • Unable to get a solid erection; High-moderate muscle fatigue, take 48+ hours off from exercise.

Are There any Tips I Should be Aware of? 

If you own a penis pump, you're more than welcome to Kegel away as you pump up your dick. Performing Kegels while you do this will help push blood into your penis and allow you to get pumped up faster.

Moreover, the stronger your PC muscles become, the faster and more efficiently they will put and keep blood inside your penis. You'll be able to go from zero to hero in a matter of seconds, with an eternally-lasting erection to boot.

Secondly, you can also begin to perform Kegels if you simply want to increase the speed of how fast you get an erection. No penis pump required.

This is Cool and All, but When Will I see Results??

Over the next six months to two years, you'll make incredible improvements. Your sex life and partners will thank you. Get ready for that line of potential suitors outside your bedroom door.

On the real though, you'll see changes almost immediately, within the first one to two weeks. And with more time, you'll be shooting ropes that even Spider-Man will eye with envy.

I've found that myself and others experienced improvements in this order: orgasm & erection strength, increased sensitivity & climax control, and lastly, cum shot volume and distance.

You'll see much more profound differences in that first month and more obvious differences after two.

But above all, you MUST be consistent if you want these improvements. Consistency is key with Kegels

Like anything in life worth having, you have to work at it!

However, the good news is that once you've built up your PC muscle to your ideal strength level, you'll be able to chill out a bit. You most likely will only need to perform your routine two times a week or so to maintain your gains.

Just like any other muscle in your body--if you use it, it will get stronger--if you don't, it won't.

Are There Any Health Risks or Dangers I Should Consider?

As long as you perform the exercises correctly and give your PC muscle proper rest when it feels fatigued, you're golden.

All you're really doing is flexing the base of your dick and butthole - nothing to be concerned about.

Yet, if you've recently had prostate surgery, I would recommend waiting at least four to six weeks before beginning a Kegel routine - whatever length of time is required for the surrounding tissues to heal.

If you have any reproductive or cardiovascular conditions of any kind, speak to your doctor.

Lastly, for people with severe neurological or tissue damage, Kegels can most likely improve the quality of their erections and sexual performance.

It will vary, however. Some may see major improvements with Kegels alone, whereas others won’t. At the end of the day though, it doesn't hurt to try.

With that said, speak to your doctor if you are interested in erectile dysfunction medications.

Premature and Erectile Dysfunction

This has already been alluded to above.

Kegels are an excellent exercise for improving erection strength and overcoming premature ejaculation.

By developing stronger PC muscles, you will quite literally be able to hold back your orgasm by squeezing and performing a Kegel. This may take quite a bit of effort at first, but you'll soon be able to do it with ease as the muscle continues to strengthen. Don't be surprised if by the time you ejaculate, it is much bigger than usual.

Overall, you will simply have more control over your ejaculation after strengthening your Pelvic muscles. If you've suffered from "Minute-Man-Syndrome" previously, I can assure you that it will be a thing of the past.

I recommend that you try and perform several "Near-Orgasm" Kegels during intercourse or masturbation to continually help build the mind-body connection.

It is also worth noting that the refractory period between orgasms will likely be reduced over time as well. You will notice this as you continue to perform the exercises.

With respect to erection strength, as already discussed above, you'll find that your body is able to push blood inside your penis far faster and far more efficiently than ever before. You should have no problems getting it up and keeping it up. 

Other Possible Benefits

Kegels will help keep your prostate healthy and will shorten the recovery phase if one gets prostate surgery or any sort of operation in that area.

There is some evidence that Kegels can help protect against prostate cancer, however, since cancer itself is also caused by many genetic and environmental factors, it is difficult to determine how beneficial they are in this regard.

Some individuals have reported that Kegels have enabled them to become multiply-orgasmic during intercourse, citing that they are able to have multiple regular ejaculatory orgasms via penis stimulation in a row--with 5-10 seconds in between each one.

In the same way, others have announced that they are able to have non-ejaculatory dry orgasms prior to a regular ejaculatory orgasm.

Lastly, orgasm strength and the pleasure felt from these said strong orgasms is intensely amplified and will leave men (and women!) gasping for air.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, folks. I hope this guide helps you and your sex-life immensely.

If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to post here or send us an email! 

What's the next step?



Get started on Kegels - NOW. Your prostate and lover will thank you.

Your Pal,


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