How to Have Better Sex with Prostate Massage

A quick guide to having better sex with prostate massage:

Not only is Prostate Massage an extremely pleasurable activity—whether that be solo or with a partner—but it can actually promote improved sexual health for men suffering from prostatitis or an enlarged prostate.

Sometimes referred to as Prostate Massage Therapy or Prostate Milking, Prostate Massage is the Bees Knees—especially if you’ve always thought women had the monopoly on multiple orgasms.

If you feel uneasy at the thought of this, take comfort in the fact that learning how to massage your prostate or having it done for you can provide a myriad of benefits alongside improved sexual performance and, of course, pleasure.

Throughout time, Prostate Massage has historically been used to enhance a man’s sexual aptitude. Very sexually active men or men who had many partners used Prostate Milking as a way to help maintain their regular sexual activity. Today, however, we now know that Prostate Massage brings with it a host of other benefits: the aforementioned points, incredible hands-free orgasms, and improved erectile function.

You can massage your prostate externally or internally, and likewise, each method can be used with a toy like our 10-Speed Prostate Massager. Some men prefer one method of massage over the other, but both can be successfully used to Massage the Prostate and even bring an individual to orgasm. One who regularly employs Prostate Massage will notice improved blood flow, enhanced urinary flow, and a promotion in the integrity and health of the prostate tissue.

Here’s how to get ready if you’ve never done this before. Go ahead and empty out both your bowels and bladder. If you’re going to go the manual route—i.e. use your or a partner’s hand—get a non-latex glove or condom alongside some water-based lubricant. When you position yourself, you can try leaning over a table, getting on all fours, or laying on your side.

Locating the Prostate

* 1. Place your palm over your bellybutton, palm facing down, with your middle finger toward your penis. Almost as if you are reaching into your pants straight down.

* 2. When you push down with your middle finger, you'll feel a bone. That's the pubic bone.

* 3. The prostate is directly under the pubic bone (and in between the bone and the wall of the intestine, under the bladder).

* 4. So that you have located the pubic bone, you're going to stick your finger (or toy) in your anus and toward your pubic bone.

* 5. What does it feel like? Take the tip of your tongue and place it in your cheek between your back molars. Now, feel the tip of your tongue through your cheek with the tip of your middle finger. The prostate is just a firm bump in the middle of a lot of softer tissue like the tip of your tongue inside your cheek.

* 6. When you hit it, it may feel similar to having to pee, and it will feel really good. Moreover, your penis will start to erect quickly and hands-free.

* 7. Stimulate it to your heart's content and cum hard!

* NOTE: As you stimulate it, you may feel fluid building - and as mentioned - this may feel similar to having to pee. This is NORMAL! Also, some people report having stronger orgasms when they only stimulate their prostate and avoid touching their penis throughout the whole experience - this may be something to try! Above all, remember to experiment and do what feels good!

You can also try applying pressure to the perineum—the area between the scrotum and anus—for additional pleasure. Some men enjoy this, some don’t. It is possible to achieve orgasm through the perineum alone, but not common.

If you choose to use a Prostate Massage Toy, there are numerous ones on the market for internal and external use. I’d suggest picking out a toy that is specifically designed for massaging the prostate—not one that says it can double as a vibrator, clit massager, etc. Since inserting something into your anus can be a delicate process, be careful and get something specifically manufactured for that purpose.

With that said, opting for a vibrating toy is your best option in my opinion. It is best to be able to “set it and forget it” and let the toy do the work—especially if you’ve never done this before! By the same token, be liberal when applying lubricant. I’d recommend using coconut oil, olive oil, or a water-based lubricant.

If done regularly, it may take several weeks to begin to notice many of the noted benefits of prostate massage, however, pleasure and possible hands-free orgasms will be felt immediately!

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