The Concise Guide to Great Sex: Part 3A - Variations, Tips, & Tricks


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This notice will make sense as you read on in the article.

This information is strictly for convenience purposes and is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. There is absolutely no guarantee that the protocol(s) described here will translate into identical results for you. Do you want to do hormone replacement therapy? Go see an endocrinologist and do it right.

Now onto the article...


Different breeds of doggy style.

Female superior Positions.

Male-to-male positions.



Sex during pregnancy.

Rock hard erections.

Let's get into it.

Erection enhancement


Chances are if you're male, your boner hasn't yet met its full potential.

This is good news.

Sex is already awesome, and now you know it can be even better.

While you may be proud of your saluting soldier, you'll be blown away by how patriotic he can really get.


Over the Counter

To enhance erection quality, improved blood flow and circulation is required.

Two amino acids that get the job done are L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

Both of these are sold as nutritional supplements and can be purchased in either a capsule or powder form.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are both precursors to nitric oxide. The body converts L-Arginine directly into nitric oxide; nitric oxide is a chemical that temporarily widens the blood vessels inside the body, improving blood flow.

L-Citrulline, on the other hand, is converted into L-Arginine inside the kidneys. From there, it continues along the aforementioned path.

If they both do the same thing, does it matter which one you take?

Some people respond better/or not at all to one or the other.

We actually like to use both simultaneously, but be sure to experiment with both first before settling on one.

You never know.

We recommend taking 1-3 grams of your chosen supplement.

We've read about some people taking doses up to 6 grams, so if you'd like to give that a shot and see if you get better results, go ahead.

Click here for L-Citrulline.

You may see another version of L-Citrulline with added Malate (malic acid) which may help improve energy production. Personally, we see better results with L-Citrulline alone, but if you feel so inclined it is an option.

Click here for L-Arginine.


The two big boys in this category are Viagra and Cialis.

We're sure you've heard of Viagra.

Who hasn't?

Not everyone has heard of Cialis.

Viagra is the classic "If you have an erection lasting longer than four hours, shit is about to go down" cliche.

Cialis is like Viagra, but much better.

Cialis has a half-life of 17.5 hours, whereas Viagra has a half-life of--you guessed it--4 hours. Cialis takes around 1-2 hours to 'kick-in,' and viagra takes about 15-30 minutes.

Now, if you're unsure of how these drugs work, this does not mean you'll be walking around with a hard-on for 18 hours straight.

Without getting too sciency (you can read all about the biochemistry here), these drugs work namely by improving blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

As a result of this, when you do get aroused, you'll notice that your erections are greatly enhanced.

They're harder. Fuller. Come up (and stay up!) without effort.

It makes the entire 'erection process' easier rather than giving you an insta-boner that simply lasts for a set amount of time, as I'm sure some people imagine.


Kegels are a pelvic floor exercise that will improve your blood flow (think rock hard boners without needing Cialis if you do it consistently), orgasm strength, and orgasm intensity.

We have a full-length post here describing how to do them in detail, check it out.

We highly recommend that you add Kegels into your daily life.

Thick Dick

How Important is Size, Really?

The elephant in the room.

First and foremost, does size matter?

The short answer is yes.

A thicker penis means more girth which means greater sensations will be felt.

The long answer is: it depends.

Does size matter to you?

Then it matters.

If it doesn't matter to you, then it doesn't.

Simple as that.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff.

Penis Pump

The penis pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis, augmenting your erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. If already erect, a penis pump will heighten your erection--making it larger and harder.

Yes, it actually works.

It is optimal to use this right before a love-making session.

Are the gains permanent?

If used consistently you may see some permanent increases.

However, if you want permanent gains, let's go to the next point below...

The Bathmate

The Bathmate is the penis pump on steroids.

If you want serious size and lasting, permanent gains, you NEED the Bathmate.

We're planning to do our own extensive review of the Bathmate, however, if you would like further information, we highly recommend you check out this review here--it is extremely comprehensive and detailed (Note: We are not affiliated with this website and do not condone nor condemn any of its contents).

A Note on Bloodflow

If you pursue increasing the girth of your penis it is worth noting that you must simultaneously work on improving the circulation of blood to your penis. 

In other words, if your penis is growing in size from the use of the Bathmate or a penis pump--so if you LITERALLY have a larger penis--you need MORE blood to keep it up.

If you're not supplementing with L-Citrulline or Cialis (and even if you are), doing Kegels regularly is a necessity.

We have firsthand experience with overgrown dicks that are accompanied by weak pelvic floor muscles.

Don't let your hard-earned elephant schlong only reach half-mast with a dribbly orgasm in tow.

Every ferocious snake needs a venomous bite.

A good problem to have as it can be remedied, but a problem nonetheless.

Big Loads


Not related to erections per se, yet an imperative topic to many.

If you'd like massive loads to accompany your big swingin' dick, take a look at the suggestions below.


How does health play a role in semen volume?

There actually isn't too much to say here beyond the basic 'healthy stuff.'

That is the following:

-Get enough sleep

-Limit alcohol intake


-Eat an adequate amount of calories/foods for your lifestyle

-Get your vitamins and minerals

-Blah blah blah, the usual 'be healthy' shpeal

So if you have all your standard health markers checked, let's move onto what else you can do.


This has been coined the 'Giant Loads Stack' or 'Holy Grail Stack' on some subreddits.

Does it actually work?


Extremely well.

Giant Loads Stack
↪︎Zinc - 50 mg ED (Effect: Cum Volume/Strength of Discharge)

↪︎Celery Seed Extract 85% 3nB - 150 mg 2 x Daily (Effect: Cum Volume / Flavor)

↪︎Bromelain - 500 mg 2 x Daily (Effect: Pineapple Extract; Flavor)

↪︎Pygeum - 500 mg 2 x Daily (Effect: Pre-Cum Volume)

↪︎Lecithin - 1200 mg 2 x Daily (Effect: Cum Volume)

Our favorite of the lot is Pygeum by far.

You'll spout pre-cum like a faucet!


As far as prescriptions go, hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is the only one we can think of that we have experience with--and that reliably works.

hCG is a hormone produced by the placenta after implantation. In women, supplementation of this hormone is used to treat infertility.

In men, supplementation helps increase the production of testosterone and likewise sperm, also assisting in the treatment of infertility.

When used for the treatment of low testosterone or infertility (or not), you'll witness a very sizeable and noticeable difference in cum volume.


Flavored Cum

We're confident that if shooting big ropes is on your mind, the taste probably is too.

Don't worry, we've got you covered here too.

It's more about what not to consume versus what to consume.

Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and an unhealthy diet all contribute to bitter-tasting semen.

Fruit, on the other hand, will enhance the flavor of your cum and make it sweeter.

At the end of the day though, jizz is jizz, so maybe this won't make too much of a difference in your life.

If you want to give it a shot though, here's our prescription:

Instead of having to eat pineapple or drink the juice every day (they have a lot of sugar!), you'll be better off supplementing with Bromelain (an extract from pineapple) and Celery Seed Extract--both mentioned above.

It's not bullshit.

They both work.

So if you want to sweeten up your lovin' spoonful, as far as 'secrets' go, that's it.

Libido Enhancers

Libido is a complex subject and deserves its own post (or series of posts!) entirely, however, we'll give you a brief overview of the most important factors.


If you're drinking a six-pack every night, don't be surprised if your desire is lacking (albeit when the alcohol kicks in, it may suddenly arise.)

Many different aspects of your life can have an influence on your sex drive. This ranges from your mood, social anxiety, stress, and so on.

As an example, dopamine driving activities are known to increase your libido, whereas if you're depressed, sex may be the last thing on your mind.

If you feel unmotivated or depressed, low libido can begin to manifest itself in your life.

Moving on...


If you never exercise, stay up late every night, and have a fat gut to boot, you'll have plummeting testosterone levels.

This, in turn, will decrease your desire to be intimate. 

A healthy body will want to have sexual releases.

An unhealthy body will be concerned with damage control and will divert more energy towards those areas. 

Similarly to the previous list of health indicators regarding semen volume, the same applies here.


Like all areas of the physical and sexual realm, performance enhancers exist.

But do they work?

Let's find out.

Over the Counter

The only two we stand behind 100% on the list below are Zinc and Maca Root. The rest seem to work.

That's the keyword.


There are a lot of anecdotal stories regarding all of them, and probably a lot of placebo-influenced reports.

Some people say they're amazing, others say they don't do jack shit.

Maca Root, on the other hand, seems to consistently deliver for men and women alike.

Likewise, as I'm sure many of you already know, Zinc plays an important role in hormone production--particularly for men--and is always referenced when discussing men's health.

So before you go ahead and start buying all of these willy-nilly, take your time.

We recommend trying out Maca Root and Zinc first, and then the other ones second.

↪︎Maca Root (Raises energy and libido)

↪︎Longjack Extract (Raises energy, libido, and reduces refractory period)

↪︎Horny Goat Weed (Raises libido, stamina, reduces refractory period, and improves orgasm strength)

↪︎D-Aspartic Acid (Raises Testosterone Levels)

↪︎Tribulus Terrestris (Raises Testosterone Levels)

↪︎Zinc (Raises Testosterone Levels and 'Load' Volume)


Hormone Replacement Therapy is the name of the game here.

Whether you're trans, want to defy aging, or you suffer from a hormone deficiency, hormone replacement therapy may be the answer to improving/reviving your libido.

If you think you may need Hormone Replacement Therapy, talk to your doctor and get blood work done.

Alternatively, googling 'Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics Near Me' or 'Anti-Aging Clinics Near Me' will yield you the results you're looking for.

Here's a link to a great resource on testosterone replacement therapy.

A Note on SSRIs & Birth Control


If you take a prescription SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) or other anti-depressant drugs, there is a chance that it could affect your libido.

It is not fully understood why this occurs and some doctors choose to prescribe Welbutrin, an anti-depressant drug that affects the dopamine system over serotonin, to combat this problem.

If you currently use an SSRI and it is negatively affecting your sex life, looking into Welbutrin may be worthwhile.

Moreover, improving your health, cleaning up your lifestyle, and supplementing with Maca Root may be able to help you get around this if you currently suffer from this issue.

It could ultimately be a lifestyle factor impacting your sex drive rather than the SSRI.

Birth Control

Birth control affects the endocrine system of the body and in turn will cause hormonal changes.

It's not uncommon for a woman to go on a hormonal birth control pill and suddenly lose interest in sex.

Alternatives to this could be switching to a different form of birth control, like an IUD, or trying different oral medications.

To Be Continued in Part 3B...

Read the next installment in this series here: Part 3B


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