The Concise Guide to Great Sex: Part 3B - Variations, Tips, & Tricks


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Sexy Moves

Variety is important in your sex life.

Don't get us wrong here, no one will truly get bored getting laid every day.

Everyone's body likes to get off several times per week (or day!).

But variety is the spice of life.

No one gets sick of eating food every day, but we do like to mix up what it is we're eating.

If an appetizer of missionary followed by a main course of doggy style are the only two items on the menu, keep reading on below to discover some new recipes you'll be able to cook up for you lovers during your next encounter.


The best ways to kiss during sex

Kissing is an absolutely crucial skill in the relationship/dating world.

It's sensual, it's comforting, and it's caring.

It is the gateway to a lusty episode of thrusting, moaning, and passion.

10 Second Kiss

Experts agree that any kiss lasting longer than ten seconds means your partner is ready to go to bed with you.


But experience does have something to say about this.

Usually, whenever a kiss lasts longer than five or six seconds, romantic passion kicks in and the kiss transforms from a quick affectionate expression into something more...sexual.

It is difficult to remain emotionally neutral about a potential sex partner after sharing a kiss like this.

If you're wondering how to turn a simple kiss into a stepping stone for some snu snu (you can thank Futurama for that terminology), this is how.

Pull to Kiss


A delightful James Bond-esque move, the pull to kiss takes the sexiness of bumping faces up a notch.

This move can be done in an assortment of different ways.

In fact, you may already have your own variation of this.

If your lover has cleavage, two front pockets, or two back bottom pockets (or just reach into the back of their pants), playfully hook your fingers/hands into them and pull them towards you.

Commence kissing.

Ask them to put their arms around your neck and be sure to cup their ass if you chose the route down under.

If you leave your hands in place, this also locks them in near you and sets the precedent that you're in charge and leading the interaction.

Who doesn't love it when someone else takes the lead?

It will induce butterflies.

The bonus caveat here is you may--quite literally--already be in your partner's pants.

If they give the green light, go right on ahead and turn this kiss into full-blown sexy time.

Stop Talking

We all have to listen to our sex partner's drama and life problems from time to time.

Especially if you live with them.

Maybe you have your own detailed, special arrangement, so this isn't something you deal with.

We're generally speaking here.

The main purpose of this is to vent and have you pay attention to them--we all need that once in a while.

What better way to show them you're paying attention than a kiss?

To do this, begin to close the distance between the two of you and either step all the way forward or pull them towards you and kiss them intensely.

They'll probably lose their train of thought.

This is essentially a 'real-world' application of the Pull to Kiss.

Stop Thinking

If you ever find yourself wondering about whether a member of the opposite or same sex is interested in you, don't overthink it.

If you're wondering whether you should 'make a move,' consider the following circumstances.

You're alone with said person while all your other friends are in another room.

At night.

Sleeping in a bed.

After a night of going out.

Everyone knows.

They know.

Stop thinking about - Just bust a move! 

Far too many people overanalyze and overthink all this sex/romance stuff.

Listen to your gut instinct.

How many times have you thought/said to yourself, "Man, I totally knew! I should have listened to myself!"


It's almost always right.


If you can glance in the pantry or cupboard, see what's available, then cook up something delicious, just about everyone will want to pull your pants down.

Furthermore, if you know how to fix anything around the house, computer, and car, you're even more set.

You're one competent sexy beast, that's for sure.

Everyone may not admit it consciously--or even realize it--but competence is sexy to everyone.

Playful Sex

How to make sex more fun

Shower Moves

Who doesn't enjoy a surprise visit by their naked partner or lover?

Next time your partner jumps in the shower and you're around--as long as it is appropriate for you to do so--go ahead and sneak on in.

To top it off, have a clever line at the ready to make it even better.

Maybe something along the lines of, "Pardon me, sir/ma'am/what-have-you, I didn't realize this shower was taken," then step right in.


Just about everyone loves their body getting rubbed.

Relationship expert Athol Kay recommends Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion, so if you like lotion, give that a shot.

Our favorite is Coconut Oil.


Coconut Oil can be used for just about anything in the sexual and non-sexual realms, and yet again is our favorite when it is an applicable option.

Our other favorite uses include skincare and a good ol' 'au naturel' lube.

Make the Bed Squeak

If you ever want your lover to really feel like they're getting pounded into a good time, rockin' the bed back and forth will always do the trick.

Getting the headboard to hit the wall is even better.

It'll make your lover feel like they're getting taught a stern lesson by the Lord of Cock.

Remember that it is the headboard hitting the wall, not their head hitting the headboard.

There's quite a difference.

Further, if you feel so inclined, you can even loosen a screw or two in your bed frame.

Be careful with this one.

We don't offer any guarantees on our advice.


There are a lot of things that everyone wants to try in bed.

Even to the point where some keep it in secret due to social embarrassment or shame.

The funny thing is, everyone has these secret 'weird' fantasies, so they're actually normal.

Sex with your teacher.

A foursome with the neighbors

Sex on the beach.

Sex on a boat.

Sex in a public place--be careful with this one.

Some of these may sound vanilla to what you actually have in mind, but they're just examples.

We know what some of you are really thinking about.

The list of what you can do is truly endless.

Hell, make a bucket list to refer to.

Exploring the world of sexual escapades is never-ending.

Talk to your partner(s) and see what they're interested in.

They'll enthusiastic about it.

Everyone, and we mean Everyone, has something naughty they want to try.

To Be Continued in Part 3C... 

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We referenced Athol Kay's writings in this article. He is a great resource for long-term relationship information.


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