The Concise Guide to Great Sex: Part 5 - The Big O


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We do not condone or advise the use of any illicit or illegal compound or substance.

This information is strictly for convenience purposes and is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

There is absolutely no guarantee that the protocol(s) described here will translate into identical results for you.

Do you want to do hormone replacement therapy or use any of the other compounds below?

Go see an endocrinologist and/or speak to your general practice doctor regarding any of these topics.


This is why many of us have sex in the first place.

Don't get us wrong here.

Everyone loves the act of intercourse.

But everyone loves to have an orgasm. 

We're going to begin by detailing how you can specifically strengthen the intensity of your orgasm--both in pleasure felt and duration.

Intensifying Your Orgasms


Supplements to make sex better

In our experience, bigger loads equals a longer and more intense orgasm.

And longer and more intense orgasms?

More pleasure.

Below, we present to you our "Big Loads" supplementation stack from our recommendations page.

↪︎Zinc - 50 mg ED (Cum Volume/Strength of Discharge)

↪︎Celery Seed Extract 85% 3nB - 150 mg 2 x Daily (Cum Volume / Flavor)

↪︎Bromelain - 500 mg 2 x Daily (Pineapple Extract; Flavor)

↪︎Pygeum - 500 mg 2 x Daily (Pre-Cum Volume)

↪︎Lecithin - 1200 mg 2 x Daily (Cum Volume)

As you can see, we have the basic details of each product in parathesis.

But let's dive a little deeper.

What's all the hoopla about Zinc?

Zinc assists in testosterone production in males--and females too--alongside regulating your thyroid hormones.

We believe everyone should be getting at least 30+ mg of Zinc daily.

Usually, most multi-vitamins only have around 11-15 mg, so purchasing an inexpensive supplement on top of this may be the way to go.

An interesting note regarding zinc--if you get white marks on your nails, that is an indicator of a zinc deficiency! 

The best zinc to buy is Zinc Picolinate as it is the most readily absorbed by the body than other forms.

Next up, Celery Seed Extract.

This may be a new one you haven't seen used before.

Celery Seed Extract improves the circulatory system--quite dramatically in some individuals--and as a by-product of this, your body becomes much more effective at creating semen.

Seminal volume is an important element in the pleasure felt from an orgasm.

Many Celery Seed Extract products tend to be low quality, however, the one we have linked to always works as promised.

We believe most brands put bunk product into their capsules or underdose them.

Third up to bat: Bromelain extract.

Still somewhat unknown, but more popular than Celery Seed Extract, Bromelain is the enzyme in Pineapple that gives the fruit its notorious reputation.

If you want to add some sugar and spice to your lovin' spoonful, this is how you do it.

As an added benefit, Bromelain has been touted to have anti-oxidant properties--quelling inflammation and even serving as a replacement for ibuprofen.

Fourth, Pygeum.

This one is important.

Pay attention.

Pygeum, alongside its sister, Saw Palmetto, both assist in the prevention of cellular overgrowth.

In other words, they prevent cancer!

Ideally, it is best to take both of them for maximum protection. 

However, of the two, Pygeum is our favorite.

Not only do you get prostate-cancer-beating benefits, but you'll spout pre-cum like a faucet too.

We're not exaggerating either.

This really is one of those too-good-to-be-true supplements.

Pop a capsule and see what the fuss is all about

Last up, Lecithin.

Another favorite of ours.

Pronounced, 'Less-uh-thin,' if you're curious.

We were.

Lecithin works by massively increasing ejaculate volume.

It doesn't create more semen, rather, it works by creating immense amounts of nutrient-rich fluid to help out your swimmers.

Be doubly careful wrapping it up if you're taking this--Lecithin is most commonly taken for improving fertility and it's no joke!

Next up, supplements older brother... 


The best drugs to take for sex

Fasten your seat belts, it's about to get bumpy!

Note: These are ALL substances that are usually always legal depending on your geographical location.

We will never recommend you take or use an illegal or dangerous substance.

If you'd like to use any of the substances below, as always, speak to your doctor.


We imagine most people are familiar with the power marijuana possesses influencing sexual responses.

We're not even sure how to put it into words. 

It heightens all your senses to an extremely high degree, puts an immense amount of passion into all your actions, and makes your orgasm go off like a ticking time bomb.

If there was ever a drug made for sex, this is it.


Phenibut is a lesser-known but equally powerful substance for the bedroom.

It is sold over the counter nearly everywhere and is very safe, provided it is taken responsibly.

Phenibut can be described as a 'sober drunk.'

Like Marijuana, it heightens the senses, but to a lesser degree.

Furthermore, you'll find that, like alcohol, your inhibitions will be lowered. This is where the 'sober' aspect of the description comes into play: you'll still have full motor control despite lowered inhibitions.

Yes, this means you can safely drive.

As an added side effect, it also makes music sound incredible.

So how does it make sex better?

Aside from the fact that you're uninhibited--which some people like as some feel a level of anxiety or embarrassment when performing certain sexual acts--you'll be horny like no tomorrow.

It's like that horniness you experience from not having had an orgasm in months, coupled with the feeling of having had too much to drink, the presence of a good mood, confidence, and your motor skills still intact.

Again, similar to Marijuana, your orgasm will go off with a Bang! and leave you breathless.

This isn't an exaggeration.

Please do give it a go.

We recommend you shop this link if you decide to try out Phenibut.


If you know what Modafinil is, it may (or may not) surprise you to see it on our list.

Modafinil is an awakeness-producing agent that works in the reverse direction caffeine does.

In other words, while caffeine makes you feel less tired, modafinil makes you feel more awake.

It sounds odd, but if you've taken it before, you'll know exactly what we mean.

Modafinil is sold over the counter in many countries under the aforementioned suggested use, whereas in others it is available only as a prescription.

To our knowledge, if it is prescribed, it is usually to combat narcolepsy.

The odd aspect of Modafinil is that, to this day, doctors are still not entirely sure how it acts in the brain.

We realize you now be wondering why Modafinil is on a list of orgasm intensifying drugs.

We've had many direct reports--and can likewise agree with said reports from personal experience--that Modafinil can boost your libido in company with an improved 'sexual skill, desire, and orgasm strength.'

We're not entirely sure how to properly articulate and subsequently describe those adjectives in quotations, but we'll try: you'll experience a quietly improved desire to really enjoy your next sexual encounter--alternating lots of positions, increased passion, feeling the heat between your bodies, etc.--paired with a nicely enhanced orgasm at the finish line.

Lastly, throughout the entire sexual encounter, your body and head will be giving off a pleasant warming sensation.

Again, it's difficult to put into words, but Modafinil sex is great sex.


Cabergoline is an odd one.

Caber is taken for the purpose of lowering prolactin levels in men.

Without too much detail, high prolactin levels can result in gynecomastia in men.

In other words, you can develop breast tissue!

Prolactin is a hormone that is typically not found in very high levels in the male body--hence the complications that can occur.

So aside from preventing unwanted breasts, what makes Cabergoline so special?

When you supplement with this drug, the prolactin inhibiting effect will not only stop boobies dead in their tracks, but it will significantly decrease the refractory period that occurs immediately after orgasm.

Cabergoline is one of the 'trade secrets' of the porn industry (the others being hCG--see below--penis enlargement, and Cialis).

You'll be cumming day and night with this stuff.

This is how the 'pros' are able to shoot load after load like a semi-automatic rifle.

hCG and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We've touched on this topic already.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy often includes hCG as apart of the prescribed protocol.

Sometimes it doesn't.

First and foremost, testosterone replacement will do exactly what you think it will do.

It will get things back up to speed with how they should be or how they were in your past.

It can turn that dull, aging orgasm into its young, 25-year-old self.

hCG is a hormone that is sometimes prescribed as a stand-alone treatment or as an adjunct to testosterone replacement.

In Short--sparing the biochemical details--hCG can turn your dribbly-sized loads into a geyser that would make Ol' Faithful proud.

And once more, more volume equals a larger orgasm, which equals more pleasure!

Sex Toys

You didn't think you'd really make it through this article without hearing about sex toys again, did you?

When used strategically, sex toys can help you turn any regular roll in the hay into something special, and, perhaps, unforgettable.

Prostate Massage and Anal Penetration

I hope we're not beating a dead horse at this point--pun not intended.

Hitting the prostate/anal area while simultaneously stimulating the penis or clitoris can turn the pleasure dial all the way up to a ten if done right.

We've already gone into the why regarding this topic, so to be brief, both men and women are able to be sexually stimulated from their rear-end.

Men have the prostate gland, Women have the rear legs of the clitoris--both of which can be stimulated via the anus.

This additional stimulation coupled with the sexual pleasure from the genital region can, quite literally, take your orgasm from good to great.

Our suggested weapons of choice: Erection Enhancing Prostate Massager10-Speed Prostate Massager, and The Complete Beginner Butt Plug Play-Set.

Penis Pump

Another subject we briefly touched on earlier.

To recap:

The penis pump works by creating an air-tight vacuum seal around the penis, allowing it to become engorged with blood.

Penis pumps are used to temporarily enlarge the penis prior to intercourse, however, if used consistently over time, this can result in permanent gains (to do this, however, we recommend a heavy-duty penis pump like this one - the only toy we recommend that is not our own).

After the penis has become engorged with blood, for whatever reason, your orgasm will always be much more powerful and pleasurable.

We're not sure what the specific mechanism of action here is, other than that it rocks!

So after you pump away, whether you choose to have intercourse or masturbate, we're sure you'll be pleased with the final result.


Kegels hold a special place in our hearts.

If there is one thing we could shout from the rooftops, have a government-sponsored PSA, and get Doctor Oz to endorse on his show, it would be Kegels.

They are truly magical.

You may not notice much at first, but with time, they will completely change your sex life!

We're not talkin' just banging them out for a few days here and there.

They must be done consistently over a period of 8-12 weeks.

Six months for superb results.

And then done indefinitely to maintain your 'gains' from there on after.

Kegels do a lot of things which you can read about it here, and with respect to orgasm intensity, they do one very special thing.

Kegels actually train the muscle that contracts when you orgasm.

So a stronger 'orgasm-muscle' equals stronger orgasms.

And you saw our favorite formula before, "Stronger orgasm = more pleasure."

In drill instructor fashion, "Drop to the floor and give us 20!"


How to edge during intercourse and have a better orgasm

This concept is somewhat self-explanatory and if done incorrectly can actually result in a sub-par orgasm.

Edging is, you guessed it, bringing oneself to the 'edge' of orgasm.

In other words, getting oneself close to the 'point of no return' (when involuntary muscle contractions take over and orgasm becomes inevitable), but stopping right before this peak and allowing the feeling to dissipate somewhat.

If one, 'edges,' several times, when they finally do hit the 'point-of-no-return' their orgasm strength will have multiplied in power, allowing them to reach a new orgasmic ceiling.

The 'mistake' that is often made when edging is accidentally entering the PNR (Point of No-Return) while also simultaneously trying to prevent its occurrence, thus not continuing any genital stimulation during the actual orgasmic contractions and subsequently experiencing little pleasure.


Similar to Edging, yet slightly different.

In essence, denial is the same thing as edging, but its implementation is by an opposing party.

Whereas edging is avoiding the point of no return intentionally, denial is done by someone else not allowing you to reach the point of no return.

As an illustration, someone could stop pleasuring you orally right before your sexual response peaks, therefore 'denying' you the orgasm.

Like edging, when done repeatedly--or even one time--it can make the eventual orgasm much more pleasurable due to the increased anticipation and sexual tension awaiting its release.

Simultaneous Orgasm

By simultaneous orgasm, we are specifically referring to a scenario where two individuals achieve orgasm at the same time.

For example, if a man and woman are having intercourse and both attain orgasm at the exact same moment, this in itself can be an 'orgasm intensifier.'


First, the emotional and mental aspect of it.

What's hotter than two lovers climaxing at the same time, spraying each other with their love fluids?

Secondly, the actual physical effects.

In the above example, when both the man and woman achieve orgasm at the same time, the woman's vagina will contract over and over again around the man's penis.

These contractions can feel extremely pleasurable to both the man and woman--the woman feeling herself contracting around the man and the man feeling the woman contracting around him.


Testicle Grabbing

This technique seems to be unknown to many individuals.

Testicle grabbing is exactly what it sounds like.

Grabbing the testicles.

Albeit isn't simply grabbing the testicles.

Don't get us wrong here, you can grab them whenever you please.

But for this, 'intensifier method,' if you will, the best time to grab them is either right before and/or during orgasm.

This can push someone right over the edge if they're there, while additionally adding a new flavor of pleasure to their Big-O.

They'll feel the ejaculate fluids passing through their body as they climax, which some find very enjoyable.

Circumstances, Emotions, and Mood

You can probably tell where we're going with this one.

Have you ever had make-up sex after a big fight, or had that first physical reunion after not seeing your lover for quite some time?

It can be magical.

Circumstances, alongside the accompanying emotions and mood, often are the culprit for many a person singing aloud after a lusty evening, "Wow, that was the best sex we've ever had!"

Death Grip and 'Dopamine Tolerance'

This isn't really a positive orgasm intensifier, however, we'd feel like we're doing you a disservice if we didn't speak on it.

Death grip is the expression given to the physical desensitization of the penis.

Particularly, when someone has become accustomed to a certain type of pressure--often caused by vigorous masturbating--in order to achieve orgasm.

By the same token, 'Dopamine Tolerance,' is an umbrella term we use to describe someone who needs to continually, 'up the ante,' so to speak, in order to become sufficiently aroused in order to achieve orgasm.

For instance, instead of becoming aroused by a naked man or woman as they did in the past, they now need them to be wearing a specific outfit to turn them on.

In brief, 'Death Grip,' is a form of physical tolerance whereas 'Dopamine Tolerance' is essentially mental.

Both of these phenomenons can greatly detract from the sexual experience, yet both can be remedied in a simple fashion.

The prescribed treatment?

Stop masturbating.

That may not be what you want to here, but it'll do the trick.

We're not going to delve into the possible complexity of this task for some--battling a pornography addiction, for example--but we'll get around to addressing it in detail later.

For now, if you're having trouble getting off or getting aroused, stop touching your genitals.

You'll know your 'fixed' when you're able to get sufficiently aroused and climax using a lover's body as your only 'tool'.

The First Orgasm

Not really applicable to anything other than the first time you masturbate/get off, but interesting nonetheless.

The very first time someone achieves orgasm, it can be particularly intense.

More so than any other time.

We've heard many anecdotes regarding this.

Anyhoo, onto our next topic...

Approaching Orgasm

Approaching Orgasm

How can you make your approach to climax the best thing ever?

We spoke about this subject above somewhat, so let's get to it...

Delaying Orgasm

Tying in as an orgasm intensifier and also allowing one to extend the length of the sexual encounter, delaying orgasm is as much an art as it is a skill.

Aside from simply stopping sexual activity or diverting one's thoughts to something non-sexual, there are a few techniques one can implement in order to delay their climax.


When sufficiently trained, squeezing the pelvic floor muscles and performing a kegel will, in effect, 'push back' your orgasm.

If we have to give you another reason to make Kegels a priority, this is it.

Extremely well trained pelvic floor muscles will give you nearly complete control of your orgasm, allowing you to delay it until the moment is right.


If premature ejaculation is something you're struggling with, ask your doctor about Priligy.

It is the only legitimate premature ejaculation treatment we've heard of that really works.

As a bonus, it also doesn't reduce your penile sensitivity, cause numbness, or any other weirdness like that.

All it does is make it more difficult to climax, allowing you to go for the standard 15-30 minutes of a normal 'intercourse session.'

For guys who do not have a premature ejaculation diagnosis, taking this stuff will just make it harder to reach orgasm.

And by harder, we mean taking upwards of 45 minutes to 90 minutes to orgasm.

It's the real deal.

The 'Point of No Return'

The Point of No Return is when, during the sexual response cycle, you officially move from the 'arousal' stage into the 'orgasm' stage.

This is when movements become mechanical, your mind goes blank and time seems to seemingly stop, and orgasm becomes inevitable.

Bringing us to our next point...


Intensifying Your Orgasm 

We've already spoken about how to make your climax more climactic.

Unbeknownst to many, orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate events that occur simultaneously.

In other words, orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing, per se, even though they seemingly always happen at the same time.

Dry & Multiple Orgasms for Men

Regarding multiple orgasms for men, you must check out this book to really delve into the topic.

We will not be able to do it justice here.

With training, it can be done.

However, it is worth noting that what causes the refractory period in men is the surge of the hormone prolactin right after orgasm.

Men who experience a milder prolactin rush are therefore able to 'go again' much sooner.

Some in as soon as 15 minutes.

Discussed above, Cabergoline is a prolactin inhibitor and if supplementing with this medication it can allow one to often orgasm multiple times in succession.

Lastly, here's yet another reason to do Kegels.

It is often anecdotally reported that men who do Kegels regularly are able to orgasm multiple times in succession and likewise have a reduced refractory period to boot.

Do your Kegels!

Multiple Orgasms for Women

I'm not sure we need to explain this one.

Women do not have the same post-orgasmic hormone mechanisms men do, and, as a result, are usually always able to orgasm multiple times during a sexual encounter.

Be that as it may, some women do in fact experience clitoral hypersensitivity right after orgasm and this can be akin to the male refractory period, in that they may require a space of time to allow their body to recover in between orgasms.

Post Orgasm

Post Sex

How can you have the time of your life post-orgasm?

Bask in the Afterglow

Some people like the part right after sex more than the sex itself.

You get to lay next to your partner satisfied while bubbly, feel-good emotions and chemicals are running high.

There isn't much to say here, other than cuddle up (or don't--some prefer not to) and enjoy it!


Prior to sex, it may be helpful to have a cold glass of water or two waiting on the bedside table.

You'll thank us later.

Pour Conclure

We hope the information we've presented to you today allows you to once more go forth and prosper.

Stay tuned for the last and final part of this series!

To Be Continued in Part 6...

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As always, be sure to check out our toys and recommendations page to mix up the sexiness in the bedroom.


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