The Vibrating Panties

The Vibrating Panties

Customer Letter #1

We get emails from our customers all the time.

Recently, a customer sent in this fan-fiction erotica story inspired by one of our toys and asked if we would post it.

If you'd like, you can read the story below.

The toy that inspired this story is here.


“Alright I have a surprise,” said Noah with a wink. Ellie groaned.

“I hate your surprises, it is always something mortifying,” she said thinking back to when they had gone skinny dipping and almost been arrested in Berlin.

“I think you will find this one to be rather…scintillating,” he teased. “Close your eyes.”

Ellie rolled her eyes and then closed them.

She listened intently as she heard him ruffle through some paper as if opening a box.

“Alright, open them.”

Ellie opened her eyes to find herself face to face with a pair of black satin panties etched in lace.

"Uhh you bought me lingerie?” she asked skeptically, wondering why all the melodrama over a pair of underwear.

Sure they had been married 3 years and perhaps there were times when things could be a bit spicier, but Noah had bought her lingerie on dozens of occasions, lacy thongs, crotchless panties, silk bralettes, sheer bodysuits, there was no reason to make a big surprise out of a single silk panty, she thought.

“Not just a simple undergarment though,” he said giving her one of his most deviant smiles. Suddenly the pair of satin panties began to vibrate and Ellie almost jumped out of surprise.

“You are kidding?” she mused taking the panties in her hands, the vibrations moving down her arm causing her arm hair to stand on edge.

She looked inside the gusset to find a small vibrating disc tucked discreetly inside the fold of fabric. In an instant, the panties stopped vibrating.

“How did you do that?” she asked looking around the source of such sorcery.

Noah chuckled deviously. “I'm controlling it.” and he showed her his smartphone where an app controlled the vibrations.

“I want you to wear these out tonight.”

Ellie looked at him awestruck.

“Uhhh,” she answered skeptically. Part of her was mortified that he would even suggest, there was no way she would go out like that… it was just so trashy!

What if she got caught! What if someone noticed or heard?

What if…oh fuck.. what if she couldn't…er…control herself? And yet another part of her was intrigued for the exact same reasons.

“Put them on,” urged Noah. “I want you to try them out.”

Noah held out the sensuous satin in his hands, taking them she was suddenly electrified by their sexiness.

She looked at Noah, he didn’t seem to be asking, he was demanding.

Timidly she turned towards the bedroom to try them on when Noah grabbed her wrist.

“Try them on in front of me,” he ordered.

She had never seen him like this before, so dominating and part of Ellie was slightly thrilled by his orders.

Instantly she pulled her cotton boy shorts from her waist and out from under her skirt so that they fell to the floor in a puddle.

A breeze tickled the insides of her thighs and she shivered as she reached down to pull the satin panties over her hips.

The lace felt snug against her ass and the satin swayed as she moved. She instantly felt a rush of sensuality come over her as she took a step forward, the satin rubbing against her as she walked.

“Alright let’s go, we have a dinner reservation at 8.”

She looked at him baffled. “Shouldn’t we at least test run them here? I mean what if it is too loud or uncomfortable?”

Noah smiled wickedly.

“Not really my problem,” he winked.

“Noah!” she whined, but the glimmer in his eye as he held open the front door for her was almost like a magnetic energy, propelling her forward without thought.

Ellie almost forgot about the secret of the satin panties until they were seated at the bar. Noah had ordered a gin and tonic for himself and a gimlet for Ellie.

She was sipping on her drink when all of a sudden the vibrator came to life. Instantly Ellie doubled down as if to cover her crotch.

Paranoia swept over her as she worried that the man next to her at the bar could most certainly hear, or perhaps the women standing behind her, cocktail in hand...

Noah began to chuckle.

“How does that feel?” he whispered, leaning in so that his breath was hot on her neck.

She shivered and soon her whole body was one big, shiver from the top of her pelvis, deep into her stomach.

Ellie squirmed about, trying to relinquish herself from the intrusive vibrations and yet the more she squirmed the more pleasurable it became. The feeling was nice in all the right places. She settled into her seat trying very hard to focus on appearing normal.

Yes, she was just like everyone else at this bar, nothing weird or kinky to hide here!

All of a sudden the vibrations increased in intensity.

“Noah stop!” she hissed.

He remained stoic as she giggled helplessly in front of him.

Soon she was doubled over with intensity.

The bartender issued her an odd look and she stuffed her face into Noah’s neck, anything to hide her scarlet face from the people around her.

She continued to squirm feeling the space between her thighs grow wet and warm.

She had been suspicious at first, but being helpless in his hands was one of the sexiest feelings of her life.

Quickly the vibrations increased to where she thought she might explode. She wriggled in place completely powerless against the orgasm she felt coming on. Just then the hostess approached them to tell them their table was ready.

Ellie looked at Noah pleadingly. There was no way she could stand.

“Uhh, just a minute,” he murmured to the hostess. He could barely contain his own delight as he grabbed Elli’s elbow and pulled her to her feet.

Just as Ellie stood, a feeling of fireworks erupting inside her echoed throughout her body.

She tried to suppress a moan. As they followed the hostess to their table she smacked Noah on the arm and whispered, “I'm mortified!” she hissed. “I just came in public!"

He smiled deviously, but said nothing.

Nervously, her eyes swept across the dining room for any sign that someone might have noticed her O-face. To her relief no one seemed to be paying her any attention.

They were shown to a dimly lit table in the corner surrounded by chic dark wood furniture, blue uplighting and tea lights on every table as if in a cavern only surrounded by stars. The dining room hummed with the din of fashionable diners and muffled jazz music.

It was quite unlike the usual fare of dive bars they had frequented in their early years together. Ellie couldn’t believe she had just orgasmed in such a chic restaurant, she was both mortified and aroused.

It was exhilarating to think she had a dirty secret under her skirt and no one was any the wiser… or at least she hoped they weren’t...

Once seated Ellie could feel that she was soaked between her legs and she squirmed at the feeling of wetness against her thighs.

A satisfied grin wound its way around Noah's mouth. "Stay still," he commanded.

Stealthily he placed his hand on her inner thigh, the table shielding them from view, and began to work its way up under her skirt until his hands were between her thighs.

He reached inside her panties and drew his hands delicately across her.
He spent a minute fingering the lace on either side of the gusset.

His fingers delicately teased her, moving up and down and in circles until Ellie felt she might explode.

"You are so wet," he murmured breathlessly into her ear. She shivered at the sensation of his hot breath on her ear lobe.

She wanted to take off the panties, to remove the final barrier between his hands and her whole body. She moved her hands under her skirt, her fingers brushing against his as she fingered the lacy tops of the panties, slowing shimmying them from her hips.

A mere hour ago she had not dreamed she would ever do such a thing as wear vibrating panties, and in public no less, and here she was discreetly removing her panties in public.

What kind of spell did he have on her tonight?

And yet, as she peeled the satin down her thighs, Noah’s hands stopped her.

“Keep them on,” he murmured.

She obeyed and brought her hands back above the table.

They each ordered pasta and wine and Ellie had begun to enjoy herself normally again until halfway into a bite of breadsticks the vibrations began once more. Ellie bent over, feeling her knees go weak.

“Noah!” she protested, unable to control her squirms and laughter.

But the vibrations persisted, becoming more and more intense. Again the fireworks exploded inside her and she felt a stupid smile spread across her face as she relaxed back into her seat.

“Noah stop it! I have never been more embarrassed!” she whispered furtively, trying to recover from the orgasm.

“Please, you like it,” he simpered turning the vibrations up once more. She could hardly breath, her body ached from the persistent intensity and she continued to squirm with the tingling sensation deep inside her.

The waitress appeared again to take their plates and Ellie once again buried her face in Noah’s lap unable to repress the look of manic pleasure on her face. A small moan escaped her lips and she burrowed into him further.

“Pasta that good huh?” teased the waitress. Ellie blushed a fierce scarlet. She was mortified. They knew! Everyone knew her dirty secret.

“Please Noah,” she said more sternly, but right as she spoke the vibrations appeared again making her double over form the intensity. Her seated position pushed the vibrating disk deeper inside her so that with every squirm and readjustment pleasure surged through her. She felt herself succumb to orgasm once again.

“I think it is time to go home,” announced Noah, watching contentedly as she finished. He helped her to stand, her knees still weak from the mind-altering explosions that had take place between her legs.

“Uhhh,” stammered Noah awkwardly as he dabbed a napkin at the seat where Ellie had sat. A moist residue remained on the seat where her crotch had met the leather fabric.

Worriedly, she checked the underside of her skit where a wet stain was appearing.

“You are soaking,” murmured Noah, although his tone suggested he was anything but concerned.

Blushing, Ellie pulled him from the scene of the crime.

As they left the restaurant the cool breeze seemed to pull Ellie back to reality.

“Noah… that…oh my god,” she murmured unsure what to say. He pulled her to him and kissed her lightly.

“Let’s get out of here,” he whispered into her ear. She nodded furiously.

When they returned back to their flat, within seconds Noah had Ellie pinned to the wall, he kissed her with a furious madness. He unzipped her dress and let it pool around her ankles on the floor.

Suddenly the vibrations began again as he unclasped her bra and let it also slide to the floor. She stood completely naked except for the satin lacy black panties that still hugged her hips, vibrating away.

She felt her knees go weak as she collapsed against the wall. Instantly Noah picked her up, pressing her buzzing crotch into his abdomen, and carried her to the bed where he laid her down on her back.

He looked down at her and eyed her half-naked form. Ellie writhed against the bed desperate for his touch once more.

“Touch me,” she whispered feverishly.

Slowly Noah pulled off his shirt and leaned over her so that he hovered mere inches from her body. His hands caressed the lace waistband of the panty, sending shivers through her body. He let his fingers dip inside the panties just a mere inch. She began to pant with longing.

He stroked his hand over the panties, letting the fabric warm under his touch until he found his way into the crotch, still vibrating inside. He reached inside the garment and extracted the vibrator from within. His hands brushed against her wetness, pulsating against his touch.

He grabbed her hand and brought in between her own legs so that she could feel the soaking fabric.

“These were brand new and it looks like you got these all wet,” he scolded teasingly.

Agonizingly slow, Noah pulled the panties to the side and put a finger inside her, then a second finger. She could feel the panties grow even more moist against her bare skin as fluid ran down her thighs.

She moaned softly. She had never felt so wet in her life. There must be a small puddle underneath her, she thought.

Then when she couldn't take it a second longer, he extracted his hands from inside her and carefully slid the wet, black, satin from her hips and down her legs.

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