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Cigarettes After Sex?

So... what's the deal with this seemingly common phenomenon that we seem to see on TV, in movies, and on billboards?

We see it in Fight Club. After Tyler Durden and Marla finish yet another session of loud fornicating into the wee hours of the morning, they both lay down and light up.

We see it in Mad Men. Don Draper cooly procures a cigarette after "making love" to yet another one of his lady friends. 

We see it in Road House. Dalton makes it look like the most badass thing that has ever existed on this planet, and that we all have to try it.

It appears as if it is all over. But is there actually a reason for it? Is it that a smoker's body merely is low on nicotine since the last fix, and they simply need a booster-cig to get back up to speed? Or is that we just all love a smoke after a hot, sweaty pounding? Let's find out!

Cigarettes and Coffee go Together Like Icecream and Pie

It is often said that Cigarettes and Coffee go together like ice cream and pie. Already a delicious treat on its own--but together--mouthwatering. Is "Cigarettes and Sex" akin to this delectable duo? Are they merely two different but alluring pleasures working synergistically together to create a euphoric neurotransmitter soup in our brains?

Through my research, if you can call it that, I've come to two smoldering conclusions.

It's just the fix

Smokers do as smokers do. Ate breakfast? Have a smoke break. Five minutes between class? Have a smoke break. Your shifts over? Have a smoke break, you earned it, champ.

Like all other points in life, a smoker just needs their fix. A lovemaking session can last anywhere from 10-45 minutes (or hours!) and just like how we all need a sip of water throughout the day, a smoker needs their hit of nicotine.

Moreover, the easing of this very slight nicotine withdrawal may be disguising the entire ordeal as something more spectacular than it truly is.

Heightens the Experience 

On the other hand, people enjoy more than just a simple cigarette after some funny business. Some enjoy a hit off the ol' vaporizer. Others, a joint. And others still, a dip.

Does this mean something else could be going on here?

Indeed it does. This is most likely because the hormones and neurotransmitters released post-orgasm are enhanced when nicotine enters the system. As a person's body reaches the end of the sexual arousal cycle, the nicotine now entering the body helps further the relaxation occurring within the brain.

The Verdict?

I'm gonna be that guy. It's a mix of both.

When a smoker engages in any activity, whether that's running, eating, or in our case, intercourse, the time they've had between cigarettes will be ever so slightly increasing as the day wears on. This means that during a 30-45 minute fornication-sesh, their body will be approaching a minor withdrawal that is then alleviated. However, this cigarette may become doubly pleasurable because of the post-orgasm hormones and neurotransmitters currently circulating throughout the body.

And for a non-smoker? This cigarette can be a terrific one. With no need to alleviate an on-setting withdrawal of any sort, having no tolerance to nicotine, and coupled with the present feel-good body chemicals, it can feel amazing.

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