Finding Your Prostate

So you've decided you want to see what the male "P-Spot" is all about, and maybe you've fished around for a while, but you CAN'T find the damn thing! 

Finding the prostate can be a challenge.

But don't worry, we're here to help you out.

First, don't sweat.

In fact, pat yourself on the back.

You're attempting to give yourself one of the most pleasurable experiences a man can have on the face of the planet!

Many men go their whole lives without ever knowing about what their body is really capable of.

Ok, enough of chit-chat, let's get down to business.

Finding Your Prostate in 7 Easy Steps:

1. Place your palm over your bellybutton, palm facing down, with your middle finger toward your penis.

Almost as if you are reaching into your pants straight down.

2. When you push down with your middle finger, you'll feel a bone. That's the pubic bone.

3. The prostate is directly under the pubic bone (and in between the bone and the wall of the intestine, under the bladder).

4. So that you have located the pubic bone, you're going to stick your finger (or toy) in your anus and toward your pubic bone.

Finding Your Prostate

5. What does it feel like so that you know you're hitting it?

Take the tip of your tongue and place it in your cheek between your back molars.

Now, feel the tip of your tongue through your cheek with the tip of your middle finger.

The prostate is just a firm bump in the middle of a lot of softer tissue like the tip of your tongue inside your cheek.

6. As you stimulate it, you may begin to feel fluid building--a sensation similar to having to pee, and it will feel really good.

This is normal, and is suppose to happen!

Moreover, your penis will start to erect quickly, hands-free.

It's worth noting that many people report having stronger orgasms when they only stimulate their prostate while simultaneously avoiding touching their penis throughout the whole experience.

This may be something to try.

Above all, remember to experiment and do what feels good for you!

7. Stimulate it to your heart's content and cum hard!

    Noteworthy Bonus Information

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      And, as a bonus, it's a quick read: 6 Minutes to Maximizing Your Orgasmic Pleasure.

      Lastly, if prostate massage with a finger isn't your style, we have a wide selection of toys available that can get the job done right.

      This is our foremost suggestion for prostate massage.

      Now, go forth and implement this information!