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We'll help you navigate the jungle that is men's toys below!

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The Erogenous Zones

Men have several areas throughout their bodies that are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation.

These are called the "Erogenous Zones."

In no particular order, these zones are as follows:

  • Penis
  • Mouth and Lips
  • Scrotum
  • Neck
  • Nipples
  • Perineum
  • Ears
  • Prostate

Most men's toys work by stimulating one or several of these zones, particularly the prostate, perineum, penis, and scrotum. 

All of these are fairly straightforward, however, several of you may be wondering what the hell the perineum and prostate are.

The Perineum

The perineum is the small patch of skin between the anus and scrotum, which is hooked up to the perineal nerves.

These nerves help convey sensations of sexual pleasure from the genitals to the brain.

In other words, if you're not familiar with this area, it may be time to get acquainted.

These nerves can be pleasurably stimulated by gently rubbing them in any way you like. 

The Prostate

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis.

The prostate sits right in front of the rectum and near the bladder.

Check out our diagram below: 

Prostate Diagram


The prostate secretes fluids that nourish and protect sperm.

During ejaculation, the prostate squeezes the fluid into the urethra, and it is then expelled with the sperm as semen.

So why the hell is the prostate special?

When stimulated correctly, whether that is with a toy or your finger, the prostate can deliver mind blowing, knee-bending orgasms.

We're not exaggerating.

If you've ever been jealous of a woman's ability to orgasm more than once in quick succession, be jealous no more, because the prostate is the great equalizer.

Sounds awesome, right?

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I stimulate it?"

A finger can work.

A toy can too.

Below, we'll go into detail about which toys to use for just that -- those for your prostate AND all sorts of other goodness.

It's worth noting that ALL of these toys can be used for solo-play or sexy-times with a partner. Be sure to use lube.

Furthermore, if you need help locating your prostate, CLICK HERE for our step-by-step guide.

The Most Popular Men's Toys

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1. The C-Type Prostate Massager


Sex Toys For Man


The perfect starting point if you're brand new to prostate play.

This toy is affordable and gets the job done.

When used anally, the curve allows the external end to massage the perineum while the internal end stimulates the prostate.

The smooth vibrations this battery-operated toy can provide will help you reach your first prostate orgasm with ease.

Be sure to try during solo sessions or during intercourse with a partner.

2. The Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating Cock Ring

A classic toy found in nearly every adult store worldwide.

This toy works by constricting blood flow to the penis, so you'll be able to stay harder and go longer.

Just glide your cock into this remarkably snug and supple Vibrating Cock Ring and press the "start" button.

Feel the lapping tide of euphoria envelope your dick as the Vibrating Cock Ring cycles through different vibrating phases!

3. Realistic Male Masturbator Vibrator

Sex Toys For Men

This toy is a staple in the collection of many sex toy connoisseurs. 

Suited to firmly wrap around your shaft like all personal masturbators do, the added multi-speed vibrating functions will make you pulsate like never before!

The sexy realistic lips will give your manhood the comfort it's been demanding. 

Our vibrating masturbator is perfect for solo-play or an addition to playing with your partner.

Prefer a full-sized body masturbator? You can check that out here.

4. Penis Pump

 Penis Pump

Penis pumps are the relatively 'new-guy' to the sex toy scene.

They work by sealing your penis in an air-tight vacuum, making it fill with blood and expand.

When done consistently, these gains can be permanent.

Whether you want to fill up your partner with enhanced size or take them to pound-town with your strengthened erection, this vacuum sealed pump will get the job done.

If you want a serious penis pump, we suggest checking out Bathmate's Hydromax Penis Pump.

5. Silicone Butt Plug

 Purple Silicone Butt Plug

So you want to try putting things up your butt for the first time, but don't want to go all the way with a vibrating prostate massager.

This is your next best choice.

With no batteries and a T-shaped bottom, this toy puts you in control. 

The two and three bead options will give your rear-end a myriad of bliss alongside a carefully crafted malleable tip that will smoothly slide inside you. 

Liberally apply water-based lubricant once you decide to slip in the tip! 

6. 10-Speed Prostate Massager (Our Best Seller!)


Our 10-Speed Prostate Massager is the ideal toy for those who are brand new to male toys or seasoned veterans who know exactly what they need. 

If you've played with your prostate before, or you'd like to spend a little more money and get some more bang for your buck, this is the toy for you.

The best seller and our favorite toy in our collection by far -- created to administer a vibrating experience you'll never forget -- capable of kneading your prostate, anus, and perineum all simultaneously. 

This unbelievable combination of stimulation and unique branch-shape will send you directly to O-Town in record time.

7. Suction Dildo

Suction Dildo

Looking to play with something a little more "real?" 

Our suction dildo is crafted to be lifelike.

Complete with veins, ridges, and an enormous mushroom head that is sure to throw yours back.

The powerful suction-cup base makes it stay where you put it, so you can get the satisfaction you've been looking for.

The strong suction base will allow you to fashion it to a shower or tub so you may ride it hands-free if you wish to do so.

8. Wild Night Wedge Pillow

Sex Pillow

Looking to go a little deeper with your partner and spice things up in the bedroom?

Our Wild Night Wedge Pillow will not only make sex more enjoyable in general, it will make rough sex even better!

You'll be able to get deeper penetration and enter your partner with incredible depth.

Try putting the wedge pillow on the edge of a bed with the tall side facing you: prepare for your partner to gasp!

9. Erection Enhancing Prostate Massager

Erection Enhancing Prostate Massager

Looking to penetrate your partner deeply and synchronously deliver pulsating tides of euphoria to your prostate? Sound too good to be true?

You need to try this toy.

The Erection Enhancing Prostate Massager will give your erection the strength and power your partner has been begging for.

Your eyes will roll back in pleasure from the anal stimulation while your partner will moan in elation amongst your potent strokes.

10. Water Based Lubricant

Water Based Lube


What you can NEVER have enough of.

This lube will allow you to slide and glide with ease.

Crafted with all sorts of sexiness in mind, our 69 Lube comes in an easy-to-use 30 mL non-spill bottle.

Simply squeeze the lubricant onto your hand, and liberally apply it to yourself, your toy, or your lover!

It is specially developed to be safe to use with condoms alongside an easy-clean water-soluble formula.

Our second favorite lubricant of choice is coconut oil.

Try it out, and you'll see why.


There you have it, folks. 

Men's toys in a nutshell.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or would just like to say hello, please, shoot us a message!


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